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The Company

What is SahiNahi?

SahiNahi is an entertainment destination for all Indian films. SahiNahi features thousands of movies, movie reviews, critic scores, movie trailers, box office, soundtrack, film analysis and a lot more!

We, at Sahi Nahi, love Indian cinema! And we want you to make your understanding and choices of Indian entertainment more informed and fun!

So SahiNahi is only about Bollywood films?

Nahi beta! SahiNahi represents movie reviews from all regions and language from all corners of India. We cover Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali and more. And we strive to add new films and content almost every day to our ever expanding database


What is SahiScore™?

SahiScore™ rating is an aggregated score based on published opinions of hundreds of critics. Our goal is to help make it a trusted measurement for movies. Sahi Nahi was founded on a simple idea. A single aggregated score based on many available legitimate review publications.

SahiScore™ is easy to understand:

A positive review is denoted by an ‘S’ sign. For a movie or a television to receive an overall rating of ‘Sahi’, the SahiScore™ needs to be at least 50%. The means that at least 50% of the critics or reviewers that saw the film recommended it
A negative review is denoted by a ‘N’ sign

SahiScore™ is a calculated weighted score of all top critic reviews to tell us whether a certain film is Sahi! (Awesome!) OR Nahi! (Terrible!)

So how do you assign a SahiScore™ for every review?

Let us just summarize that by saying we’ve spent a LOT of time developing algorithms that get these reviews. Typically, most critics assign a rating to their review which helps us understand if they recommend a movie or not. Sometimes, they don’t. In every case, we look at the review and assign a ‘Sahi’ or ‘Nahi’ based on human-reading. We’ve done this for over 40,000 critic reviews and are always striving to refine it!


I am a movie critic, can you please add my reviews to SahiNahi?

We’d love to! We have a process to evaluate if you are a legitimate online publication. Get in touch with us here. We add new critics and publications every week!

Do you have a mechanism if a critic feels you’ve incorrectly classified their recommendation?

Absolutely! We are very open to making modifications if it is bought to our attention. See here if you’d like to contact us to make any modifications. We understand it is not a perfect process and are willing to work on making it better!

What are Top Critics?

Top critics are what we define as some of the best movie reviewers, critics with a strong reputation and following. We add critics to our ‘Top Critics’ list after a lot of thoughtful deliberation. Some of the key attributes we look for in a ‘Top Critic’ include:

  • Excellent, unbiased and consistent movie reviews
  • Strong media brand presence
  • At least 30+ published movie reviews

How can I get considered to be a ‘Top Critic’?

You absolutely can! Write to us here and we’d love to evaluate your reviews!

The Team

Rubail runs the day to day operations at SahiNahi. He claims to bear a striking resemblance to SRK. However, his friends actually think he closely resembles Vijay Raaz.

Sumit is the technology brain behind SahiNahi. It is speculated that Sumit was an extra in an old Chunkey Pandey film. There is no way to confirm or deny this claim.

Harsh solves the most difficult problems at SahiNahi. His favorite film is ‘Jaani Dushman – Ek Anokhi Kahani. Yeah, he was one of the 14 people that actually sat through the entire film.