Biggest Bollywood Disappointments of 2016

At SahiNahi, we love Indian cinema. And every year, around this time, we do a postmortem of the best and the worst of Bollywood. We did it in 2014 and in 2015..but we’ve noticed a trend. We love crunching data, especially for films and reviews and actors and box office and everything around it. And our final conclusion is coming to… that the quality of Hindi films has been on the decline. These films below were not the worst of our productions. Just ones we expected a lot from and came home disappointed. 

And this year has had some BIG disappointments.. films we thought and hoped would blow our minds away. And many of these from some of Bollywood’s best production houses and directors.

Below is the list of our biggest disappointments this year (thus far)

Fitoor (40%): How much hope did we have this this film? It looked gorgeous. Aditya Roy Kapur is one of our favorite new comers who has shown a lot of promise. And Katrina Kaif, despite sometimes being talent challenged has had the ability to surprise us. And then, the film released. And we were like, ‘this is it?’.

Fitoor (40% with 58 Critic Reviews)

The film despite its visuals, is just a massive let down. We expected better from Abhishek Kapoor especially when we LOVED his Kai Po Che! As Raja Sen of Rediff correctly points out, “ The director casts two attractive people where he ought have chosen a couple of actual actors instead, and thus it becomes hard to care about the protagonists or their sundered hearts, and despite aesthetic appeal, what we end up with is — at best — a screensaver”

Veerappan (39%): Ok, lets be honest. Although it is hard to remember, RGV actually made phenomenal films once. Yes, yes, we know — Satya released like um, 18 years ago. But still. We know, RGV, when he doesn’t sleep walk through his story sessions and gets too lost in his usually glitzy camerawork, can turn in a solid few hours of cinema. 

Veerappan (39% with 31 Critic Reviews)

And we all were hoping that Veerappan would signal back to form to one of our favorite directors. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. The film starts with a lot of promise, but generally fizzles. We wholeheartedly agree with Martin D’Souza of Glam Sham that “ RGV loses the plot in the jungles…”

Ki & Ka (38%): Ok, we could forgive the name. Because you know, Kareena Kapoor Khan. She is a national treasure. Truly. And Arjun Kapoor can be fairly charming most days (except he was pretty unbearable in Gunday). But you know —  cute pairing, urban self deprecating plot and hummable music. 

Ki & Ka (38% with 40 Critic Reviews)

And the film was just a massive let down. It subverts what it sets out to do, to show the hypocrisy of our culture. Someone please go back, cast the two Kapoor’s and actually make something more watchable. Please. We couldn’t agree more with Ankush Bahuguna from Mens XP“ ‘Ki & Ka’ Is A Painfully Absurd Social Lecture That’s Best Avoided”

Jai Gangaajal (36%): Ok, what? How do we waste talent like that? Priyanka Chopra + Prakash Jha together sounded SOOO exciting. And it was blander than sugarless chai. Just totally completely surprisingly underwhelming. Especially since we really digged the original Gangaajal

Jai Gangaajal(36% with 48 Critic Reviews)

There seemed to way too much haste in getting this done. Or maybe our national rock star Priyanka has got too much on her plate? Whatever the reason, a wasted opportunity. Surabhi Redkar from Koi Moi was right when she said, “Jai Gangaajal falters plot-wise, tries to balance it out with performances yet fails to create the right impact”

Befikre (35%): This one really hurts. Aditya Chopra, we had better hope from you. After all,, you created what might be considered the greatest romance of Indian cinema. DDLJ.

Befikre (35% with 52 Critic Reviews)

You took an unlimited budget, one of the best resourced production houses, a beautiful leading lady in Vaani Kapoor, the hottest Indian leading man in Ranveer Singh, and you made a mediocre film with your talent. Why? Please, please. We know you can do better. A LOT better. We look forward to it. In the mean time, we will try to forget this ever happened, just agreeing with critic R.J. Alok from Aaj Tak, “बेफिक्रे’ में ग्लैमर फुल पर कहानी गुल”

Mirzya (33%): We are not entirely sure what we watched. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is talented, no question. And the Anil Kapoor khandaan is very good looking (check Harshvardhan Kapoor).

Mirzya (33% with 67 Critic Reviews)

The inter cut between two different era’s was a nice touch. But we left the theater a little confused and wanting a more coherent story. The ingredients were there, just the execution was too complex. As Rohit Vats from Hindustan Times said, “Visually stunning, but mediocre storytelling”, we couldn’t agree more.

Shivaay (29%): Ajay Devgn, bhai, why? One of the best looking action film to ever come out of Hindi cinema and it is such cliched story telling. 

Shivaay (29% with 32 Critic Reviews)

Yes, Devgn can direct. And act. We’ve seen him do both admirably. Just not in Shivaay. Forgive and forget.’

Rocky Handsome (22%): To be fair, John Abraham is a bad ass. He is a towering presence and almost always shines through even in mediocre fare like this. 

Rocky Handsome (22% with 42 Critic Reviews)

Rocky Handsome looked great in its trailer. But Nishikant Kamat couldn’t follow up his Drishyam with something nearly as engaging. We gotta agree with Rahul Desai from Catch News that, “Too Rocky And Derivative to be Handsome”

Rock On 2 (17%): Should have never been made. The story just didn’t warrant a sequel. Good performances simply don’t make up for a lack of clear direction. Farhan Akhtar continues to impress as an actor. And that is pretty much it. All in all, the film wasn’t unwatchable. But definitely the one we had the highest expectations from. 

Rock On 2 (17% with 59 Critic Reviews)

With very limited appeal at the box office, this also seems like and end to the series. Well summarized by Piyasree Dasgupta of the Huffington Post, “Insure Your Ears And Brain Before Watching This Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal Starrer”

Mohenjo Daro (15%): This one is actually a legitimately terrible film. Hrithik Roshan deserves better. Ashutosh Gowariker deserves better. And the paying audience deserves better. 

Not sure in what corner of the production world did this get green lighted, but this is not how you make a historical epic. You know how you make a historical epic? Yep, don’t really have to look far. Remember Lagaan?

Stay tuned as the SahiNahi team brings you the best and the truly worst of Bollywood and Indian cinema in the coming days!

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