Weekly Round Up: Sequel Galore - Force 2, Tum Bin II

Sometimes we wonder why sequels at all. In a year with a remarkable poor quality of films, this week saw the release of two sequels.. the testosterone powered John Abraham Force 2 and the sequel to the 15 year old sleeper hit Tum Bin.

Let's see how the films matched versus the originals.

Tum Bin vs. Tum Bin II

The original Tum Bin was a mildly entertaining and touching film. A solid 80% Sahi score, the film surprised critics and audiences at the time with some pretty nifty execution and phenomenal music. The new Tum Bin II is a nearly exact re-hash of the original. Only 15 years too late with music not nearly as fresh. Currently with 11 reviews, it sits at an astounding 0% Sahi. Sigh. Indian cinema - when will we learn?

Force vs. Force 2

You gotta give it to John Abraham. The guy clearly works out. Hard. And over the past decade he has actually improved (ever so slightly) as an actor. Now, we will be the first to tell you - the original Force was pretty entertaining. Back in 2011, it was great to see some great action albeit nonsensical execution. Force came in at a respectable 41% Sahi, for an action movie with no real plot. Turns out, this weeks Force 2 is also nearly as enjoyable. It still lacks any sense plot wise, but still super fun to see the macho Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha strut around in this action thriller. Mindless but entertaining. Currently at 47% after 34 critic reviews. 

Let's hope we get some real fun cinema as the year moves into the final 5 weeks. Stay tuned with SahiNahi!

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