3 Storeys (2018)

Hindi 1 hrs 40 mins Thriller
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Total Reviews: 7
Sahi: 3 Nahi: 4

Review Summary: Strong cast but '3 Storeys' has a weak story

Average Critic Rating: (2.79)
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3 Storeys - Movie Reviews

3 Storeys are three stories about people who live in a Mumbai Chawl (old fashioned project housing). It's almost refreshing and yet not really. Someone from the ensemble cast overdoes it. It's almost good, and then it isn't because you've read the story somewhere. It's an idea that's not new and yet, a decent effort. Would have been smarter move to put it straight to Netflix or Amazon.
Now Running
Sharman Joshi and Renuka Shahane shine in uneven drama
Indian Express
Renuka Shahane's Film Is Worth Your Time
रिश्तों का ताना बाना दिखाती '3 स्टोरीज', रेणुका शहाणे करेंगी सरप्राइज
Aaj Tak
Dark Truths Lightly Told!
Koi Moi
छोटे कस्बों में रिश्तों के उतार चढ़ाव की कहानी है '3 स्टोरीज'
This colliding of worlds is a feature of chawl life in Mumbai, where the clashes in one household often become prime-time television for the neighbours; where the boundaries of good sex, lechery, and incest are frequently blurred