31st October (2016)

Hindi Drama
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Review Summary: 31st October has its moments in depiction of hate, but ultimately fails to evoke any real cinematic presence.

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Plot: 31st October is an Indian Hindi film written and produced by Harry Sachdeva and directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil. The film, based on a true story, focuses on the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination which occurred on 31 October 1984... Read more

31st October - Movie Reviews

The story of the Sikh pogrom after the Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated (31st October, 1984) has been well documented and accepted as something where no justice can be truly offered. But when a film attempts to dramatise the events in an amateurish way, the heart-wrenching awfulness of those events is lost. The audience feels no empathy in the fake emotions and the graphic blood and gore fails too.
The movie genuinely tries to depict the suffering of a community and the death toll that occurred on that fateful day. Anyone watching this film will have to settle for its intentions alone. Everything else in this melodramatic overdose is genuinely embarrassing.
The film has nothing - neither narrative nor engaging characters - on offer
Indian Express
Soha Ali Khan's Film is Well-Intentioned
31st October subjects us to mediocre production quality, third-rate dialogue writing and bad acting
First Post
आशाओं पर खरी नहीं उतरती सोहा की फिल्म '31 अक्टूबर
‘31st October’ is why fledgling inept filmmakers should stay away from history-invoking true stories, else such heinous acts might well be wiped out from the collective conscience for want of a skilled and able raconteur!
The final product is underwhelming and looks like a small-scale remake of the Hollywood film franchise, The Purge
The Times of India
Shocking, disturbing but unconvincing
Glam Sham
'31st October' had all the potential to become a great film due to its hard-hitting theme but ends up being soulless truth
It starts as just another day for Delhi Electric Supply Undertaking (DESU) worker Devinder Singh.
At the end we see the now-old Sikh couple, trapped in a web of frustration and rage, still waiting for justice.
31st October does little for an important cause
The Hindu
And like them, hundreds of others too are waiting in real, many have even left the world, while the accused are moving scot-free, holding high positions in the bureaucracy.
Director Shivaji Lotan Patil does no justice to the story
राजनीति का सच दिखाने में असफल रही '31 अक्टूबर'
Aaj Tak
This film takes you back to 1984 and shows you what happened after the assassination of the Prime Minister in a less gory way
‘31st October’ Captures Fear, Grief & Pain from 1984
The Quint
Opens up wounds that never healed
31st October fails to engage you at any level, least of all emotionally
As they say, justice delayed is justice denied
Hindustan Times
31st OCTOBER Is Impressive Yet Sad Depiction Of True Evenuts
Box Office Capsule