A AA (2016)

Telugu 2 hrs 34 mins Romance, Comedy
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Review Summary: 'A... Aa' has tried and tested love story, but the director's narration of story and some twists and turns make the film an interesting watch

Average Critic Rating: (3.20)
Cast: Nithin , Samantha Ruth Prabhu , Srinivas Avasarala , Anupama Parameswaran
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Release Date: 02 Jun 2016
Est. Budget: 35.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 70.0 CR

Plot: A Aa revolves around the lives of 23-year old Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) and Aanand Vihari (Nithiin) and their families. Aanand, a former caterer, becomes a chef in Hyderabad. He belongs to a middle-class family and has many responsibilities to fulfill, like marrying off his sister Bhanumathi (Ananya) and Read more

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A AA - All Reviews

It's not like A... Aa is perfect because it has its own little niggles
Pranita Jonnalagedda, The Times of India
As expected, Trivikram once again proves that he is magician of his craft with A..A. The way he has narrated this breezy family drama with some lovable and entertaining elements are major assets. This is a film which will do exceptionally well with the family and overseas audience as the lead pair ensure that things fall in right place. If you ignore the predictable story line, you can take your entire family and watch the magic of Trivikram Srinivas in this feel good family entertainer. Recommended.
Had Trivikram taken care of the emotional quotient, A Aa might have been a far superior film than what it is now. The lack of emotions is covered with right doses of entertainment though. Nithin and Anupama's thread is not developed properly. There is a little bit of confusion about why Nithin is willing to marry her even though he doesn't like her much.
The film's predictable storyline and the sluggish second half are among the few drawbacks
Suresh Kaviyarani, Deccan Chronicle
A Aa is a good film for families this summer. First half of the movie is a decent entertainer, while second half is routine. However, the climax will leave audience on a positive note. Though there is nothing great about this movie, the above average content aimed at family crowd will work at box-office. For the youth, we have Samantha at her career best. In the Overseas and in the “A” centers, “A Aa” movie will be a profitable venture for all involved. An easy watch in theatre. Enjoy the movie!!
Look beyond such niggles and A'€¦ Aa has its heart at the right place and lends itself to a pleasing watch
Look beyond such niggles and A… Aa has its heart at the right place and lends itself to a pleasing watch.
The Hindu
Samantha’s earnest performance is the life and soul of this romantic comedy!
H Shivkumar, BollywoodLife
When we exit the theatre, we leave with nice feeling as Rao Ramesh’s comedy dialogues ring in our ears. All in all, “A Aa” is a pleasant movie with good dialogues, beautiful cinematography, nice music, and terrific chemistry between Nithin and Samantha.
Finally, A… Aa isn’t a greatest product from Trivikram’s standards. He has done such films in the past and is capable of doing far better. Yet, this is a typical summer family entertainer worth and a best choice to visit the theaters. Aththarintiki Daaredi was narrated from hero Pawan Kalyan’s viewpoint, how it would be if the same story is re-written from Samanta’s standpoint.
Even though, it is a regular story, Trivikram made a successful attempt with his own style of entertaining the audience. Overall, it is a good entertainment film which has hit the theatres in the recent times.
It is a Samantha show all the way, do catch it once!
H Shivkumar, BollywoodLife
'A... Aa' has tried and tested love story, but the director's narration of story and some twists and turns make the film an interesting watch
Shekhar H Hooli, International Business Times
First half of the film is nice. Second half meanders a bit, but a good climax followed by punch dialogues of Rao Ramesh makes you feel good as you step out of the theater. Plus points of the film are Trivikram dialogues, Samantha and emotional scenes. On the flipside, the flashback of the film which is the foundation looks little hazy and the pace in second half should have been faster. On a whole. A.. Aa… is a pleasant family entertainer that has something for everybody. You may watch it!!
'A Aa' has no exciting storyline, but the performances surely are a great takeaway. Watch out for some nice scenes and visuals. Don't expect big-time comedy. Expect Trivikram to entertain with interesting characters, besides intelligent dialogues. He gives them.