Aaaah (2014)

Tamil 2 hrs 18 mins Horror
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Aaaah - Movie Reviews

In 'Aaah' all we get are mistimed reaction shots and indifferent dialogue delivery that take away the thrills in a scene
The Times of India
'Aaaah' definitely has a bigger scope to put up a grandly spooky show but is let down by a poor writing
Only Kollywood
Point that the makers of Aaaah seem to have fatally overlooked. True fear is induced by the unknown, the incomprehensible… the groping in the dark. Real dread is caused by the seeming inexplicability of strange happenings, and lies squarely in the sense of foreboding that is so inherent to successful horror films such as Rosemary’s Baby, The Others and even the recent The Conjuring; all these films take their time to develop characters with great
The Hindu
When people have been shocked just by using a torch light, this movie could have done it better when it had five different horrorfying stories to say. People might get more horrified by the closing card which says, “Aaah Thodarum (to be continued)”.
India Glitz