Aakrosh (2010)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Review Summary: Three college students disappear in a remote village dominated by caste politics.

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Plot: Three friends from Delhi go missing in a small village – Jhanjhar. It's two months and there is no clue about their disappearance. The media and students movement demand action from the authorities. It's then that the government orders a Central Bureau of Investigation enquiry with officers Sidhant Chaturvedi (... Read more

Aakrosh - Movie Reviews

Cast: Ajay Devgan, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha BasuDirector: Priyadarshan'Aakrosh', directed by Priyadarshan, and starring Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna has some powerful, gripping moments. But credit for that must go to 'Mississippi Burning', the Oscar-nomi
Shameful as it may sound, honour killings still exist in many parts of the country.
Three college students disappear in a remote village dominated by caste politics.
Times of India
Attack of the clones
Rajeev Masand
The film doesn’t do the issue of honour killing any service.
The film’s tone is loud and inconsistent. Priyadarshan wants to marry hard-hitting drama with thrills so one minute, we’re marveling at the nicely crafted chase sequences, including one on bicycles, and the next we move into realistic mode with hangings a
'Aakrosh' turns out to be an out and out dramatic affair that almost unfolds like a mystery being sold. There are thrills galore and the narrative is also sprinkled with enough action packed moments to keep the masses happy. Really, for a film that had an 'issue' at the core of it, this has to be the one of the most 'masala' filled entertainers in the offing. And this is where 'Aakrosh' actually scores.
India Glitz
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Akshay Khanna, Paresh Rawal, Bipasha Basu, Amita Pathak Director:Priyadarshan Movi...
There are some directors who can handle diversity.
Three boys from a Delhi medical college, on their way to their village in Central India disappear mysteriously. After months pass away with no trace of their whereabouts, government appoints ex-army officer Pratap (Ajay Devgn) and CBI officer Siddhant (Ak
Bolly Spice
'Aakrosh' has its heart in the right place
Now Running
Jhanjhar is perhaps an independent country having a large Hindu population and with Hindi as media o...
However, the director succeeds in giving a message against the social evil of growing honor killing among Indians
Smash Hits
Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Priyadarshan  Pritam  Irshad Kamil  Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Paresh Rawal, Urvashi Sharma and Amita PathakAakrosh Movie Review November 4, 2010 07:13:11 PM ISTBy Pankaj Sabnani, Glamsham Editorial vie
Glam Sham
Aakrosh is a action-suspense flick. The problem however is the editing. The film seems too long after the suspense is revealed. The film resembles a little bit to Hollywood films. It has some minor shades of Kindergarten Cop. However, this film is still w
Planet Bollywood
The fact is men are also victims of this practice, especially when it affects the reputation of a particular caste and community. Many grooms have been killed by the father or brother of the bride and this is exactly what Aakrosh attempts to highlight.Mad
Hard hitting and thought provoking, only for those who want thinking cinema
Bharat Student
Three friends, one of whom is a Dalit from a Medical College in Delhi go to watch Ramleela celebrations at the Dalit’s village in Jhanjhar somewhere in the interiors of Bihar and go missing. It's two months and there is no clue about their disappearance.
Planet Bollywood
A film based on honour killings was an interesting concept. Add to that, the exciting promos and a talented cast, Aakrosh came with certain expectations