Agyaat (2009)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Thriller
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Sahi: 3 Nahi: 12

Review Summary: AGYAAT has an absorbing second half but the culmination to the film would meet with diverse reactions.

Average Critic Rating: (1.90)
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Plot: A film unit goes for a shoot in a forest, but breaks down deep in the jungle. Resulting in a four-day delay, the 9-member cast and crew of a Bollywood movie, including leading lady Aasha, and her egoistic co-star, Sharman Kapoor; decide to relax and take an outing with their... Read more

Agyaat - Movie Reviews

The smart title of the film is the only thing going for it.
These ridiculous situations aren't helped by the fact that Kothari seems to have mistaken rolling her eyeballs for acting. And she’s not the only one. Joy Fernandes playing the caretaker also pushes his eyeballs out as much as is humanly possible. Is this
Ramgopal Varma thinks differently.
AGYAAT has an absorbing second half but the culmination to the film would meet with diverse reactions.
Bollywood Hungama
A film crew lands up in a dense jungle for a shoot. Trouble erupts as an unknown predator begins to kill them one by one. Is there any way the hero and heroine can escape this blood fest?
Times of India
I just got back from Agyaat and I am not done laughing yet.
Watch it only when Agyaat-2 releases. Otherwise this mere half baked and tasteless stuff claims your senseless effort!!!!
Great Andhra
Agyaat is neither ghost based nor a supernatural thriller but it will entertain you with its scary moments and after coming out of the theatre, you won’t repent for wasting out your hard earned moneyRamu’s earlier flicks Bhoot and Phook was a hit but Agya
Bollywood Mantra
India Glitz
Agyaat is a dud if anything it can only be watched for Priyanka Kothari's skimpy outfits.
Now Running
Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Ram Gopal Verma  Imran-Vikram, Bapi-Tutul  Prashant Pandey, Sandip Singh and Sarim Momin  Nitin Reddy, Priyanka (Nisha) Kothari, Gautam Rode, Rasika Duggal, Ishteyak Khan and Ishrat AliAgyaat - The Unknown Movie Revie
Glam Sham
A spooky adventure set in a dense jungle is an interesting premise. And when you have someone like Ram Gopal Varma at the helm, you go in expecting a paisa-vasool thriller.
Bharat Student
As for Agyaat, the scariest part of the film is the last frame which lets you know that a sequel is on the way! Please spare us RGV.
Bolly Spice
For any movie to succeed, it ought to keep the viewer engrossed first and foremost. Agyaat succeeds in doing that, especially towards the second hour. You haven''t witnessed a journey like the one in Agyaat on the Hindi screen before. In the West, the mos