Aksar 2 (2017)

Hindi 2 hrs 7 mins Thriller, Drama
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Review Summary: 'Aksar 2' is just as ridiculous as the trailers make it seem.

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Plot: When the governess of an ageing billionaire Mrs Khambatta dies under mysterious circumstances her financial manager Pat is called on to recruit a lady to fill the vacancy immediately. But Pat hadn’t expected the stunning Sheena Roy to apply for the post. And despite Khambatta wanting an elderly lady, Pat... Read more

Aksar 2 - Movie Reviews

The film is a 'sequel' to the 2006 film of the same name. Sheena and Ricky are in this film too, and so are the same convoluted plot about money, seduction and murder. While that film had memorable music, this one has nothing. It has pointless twists and in the end, you don't care, but laugh at the terrible fare on the screen
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The film's first half is imminently watchable but the second half lets it down
AKSAR 2 Fails To Thrill You
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Soft Porn In First Half With Non-Existent Story Throughout
Koi Moi
Congratulations S Sreesanth, wish you all the very best
Glam Sham
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