Alag (2006)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Sci-Fi
58 %
Total Reviews: 7
Sahi: 4 Nahi: 3

Review Summary: ALAG is indeed an alag experience but more of an experiment that caters to a tiny section of moviegoers.

Average Critic Rating: (2.57)
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Plot: Alag ( Devanagari : अलग, Nastaliq : الگ; English: Different) is a 2006 Bollywood film starring Akshay Kapoor and Dia Mirza and directed by Ashu Trikha and produced by Subi Samuel. The film is also known as Alag: He Is Different.... He Is Alone... He Is A Swimmer Against The... Read more

Alag - Movie Reviews

'Alag' is one of those rare albums that have hit the stands without much pre-release publicity of songs happening on the small screen.
ALAG is indeed an alag experience but more of an experiment that caters to a tiny section of moviegoers.
Bollywood Hungama
With the influx of multiplexes in India, a new layer of movie-going audience has come to the fore.
With all the buzz about superhero films this month, and the nonsense of calling something 'India's first superhero film' when the genre's several decades old, one thing must be said in defence of Alag.
The film deals with a superhero, but this superhero is differentHe has superhuman powers, but does not look like a superhero, with a mask and superhero gear, nor does he go around saving the lives of peopleNonetheless it is a novel concept, at least in bo
Bollywood Mantra
Producer Subi Samuel should rethink about his plans of making a sequel to 'Alag'. For the basic concept of this superhuman tryst-with-destiny is not going to have a smooth ride at the Box Office. In spite of genuinely honest intentions, this tale of a 'gifted' young man isolated from the rest of the world for eighteen years and his craving for acceptance failed to grip me as an audience. I did shed a tear or two at the pathos ignited by the protagonist's dilemma but I guess it was more because of fantastic acting by newcomer Akshay Kapoor than the implausible storyline.
India Glitz
Science fiction/fantasy is not yet a very popular genre in Hindi cinema, so it is strange that two films about heroes with superpowers come out back to back - 'Alag' to be followed by 'Krrish' a week later.