Amavas (2019) (2019)

Hindi 2 hrs 12 mins Thriller, Horror
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Review Summary: 'Amavas' is neither scary nor watchable

Average Critic Rating: (1.25)
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Plot: Far away from the bustle of the city, a young couple is looking forward to their stay in a once-abandoned palatial mansion. But their lives are about to turn into a nightmare, as dark forces lie in wait beneath the shadows of the haunted bungalow.... Read more

Amavas (2019) - Movie Reviews

Rich man Karan takes his girl Ahana to a castle he calls summer home so he can propose to her. But the castle is haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend past. Ahana realises that he could have killed his girlfriend and that she too could be in danger. Many horror tropes later, you realise that it's the slow pace of the film that's the real killer
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Amavas is a bore!
फि‍ल्म में थ्र‍िल है, पर कहानी ही गायब
Aaj Tak
Watching A-MESS-(IT)-WAS Is A Horror Story In Itself!
Koi Moi