Angry Indian Goddesses (2015)

Hindi 1 hrs 55 mins Drama, Comedy
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Sahi: 22 Nahi: 6

Review Summary: At its core, Angry Indian Goddesses has something very important to say about women. The cast turns in some fantastic performances!

Average Critic Rating: (3.09)
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Plot: Freida invites her all girls group of friends to Goa at her family home. They are all in for a surprise when she tells them all that she's getting married. The announcement sets off a chain of reactions, letting out hidden secrets... Read more

Angry Indian Goddesses - Movie Reviews

It Is A Masterpiece On Women Empowerment!
Until it collapses like a house of cards
Hindustan Times
The film begins with each of our characters, angry.
Angry Indian Goddesses movie review: These are flesh-and-blood women, the film is delightful till they stay that way
Indian Express
It's so good to see a film that revels in womanhood
It strikes a fine and rare balance between thematic gravitas and breezy entertainment.
You’ll be happy to spend two hours in the company of these ladies
Rajeev Masand
So despite of bad censorship, half-baked screenplay and couple of minor glitches, on an overall basis, ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ is a decent watch for all those who believe in equality as it displays the various emotions of womanhood.
Cine Markets
But it aims too far and too high for entirely the wrong things and, in the process, forgets what it originally intended to be.
Huffington Post
Watch it you must, for the attempt made to highlight some real issues yet presented in a light, entertaining manner
Pan Nalin's brilliant film peers right into women's soul
‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ is a photogenic ode to Woman Power
Watch it for its good acting, the director’s bravery in picking his premise and protagonists, but don’t expect a statement on feminism or a revolutionary Bollywood film’.
Hindustan Times
Movies like Angry Indian Goddesses are honest renditions of sensible storytellers like Nalin and in times like today’s this movie holds immense relevance as it asks certain tough questions about our society that we need to answer soon.
Indian Nerve
Angry Indian Goddesses is a film that explores womanhood in a brilliant manner.
Koi Moi
Watch the film for a face-to-face with our social reality. Watch it for the strong performances and the strong after-thought that the film will leave you with.
What does work for the film is that the leading ladies acted beautifully, and the bonhomie between them seems genuine. For what is being touted as ‘India’s first female buddy film’, that is a huge saving grace.
Reuters India
इंट्रेस्टिंग है वुमन ओरिएंटेड फिल्म 'एंग्री इंडियन गॉडेसेस'
The gender equality theme seems forced in this female buddy film
First Post
AP Herald
For most parts, Pan Nalin's Angry Indian Goddesses is indeed an Indian version of Sex and the City, (of course much less sex, this is India with the censor board, remember?) and surprisingly, a good one!
NGRY INDIAN GODDESSES highlights the prevalent mood of our society!
Glam Sham
But the biggest sec­ ret which shocks the girls is when Freida reveals who she is getting married to.
Beneath its banter, it's an angsty, radical and a take-no-prisoners crusader
Catch News
This Sandhya Mridul, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sarah-Jane Dias starrer is shocking, entertaining and enlightening!
Bollywood Life
For it’s first attempt at a female bonding film, an eclectic cast, fresh, free flowing style and spirited energy, Angry Indian Goddesses is worth a watch.
First Post
अच्छे अभिनय और जरूरी मुद्दे वाली कहानियों से इत्तेफाक रखते हैं, तो यह फिल्म एक बार जरूर देखें.
Aaj Tak
t’s a must watch film that will likely spark a dialogue around women’s issues, which is so vital at this time.
Bolly Spice