Anjaan (2014)

Tamil 2 hrs 51 mins Action, Romance, Thriller, Drama
60 %
Total Reviews: 22
Sahi: 13 Nahi: 9

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Average Critic Rating: (2.78)
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Utterly dull - You go in expecting a meal and you end up with a… toothpick
The Hindu
It is unfortunate to note that 'Anjaan' might be Suriya's weakest offering
Movie Crow
Surya's 'Anjaan' is painfully lengthy and it is just an average movie in the end
Oneindia Entertainment
An assuring comeback from the composer after a long time
Only Kollywood
Why should you watch the film? Watch this film for its well-choreographed action-sequences, and Suriya’s dynamic performance
After loads and loads of promotion, hype and hoopla Raju Bhai is here in the town and goes of Bang Bang Bang through the movie with Lingusamy’s masala topped storyline. Commercial cinema in India is something that pulls any level of audience for its entertainment content, and post Run Lingusamy is one of the directors who mastered the art. Anjaan slashes the director’s signature all over the movie with an array of the star cast spearheaded by Suriya. Let’s take a close look on what the movie is all about.
India Glitz
Yuvan bangs with 'Anjaan' once again
I Luv Cinema
'Anjaan' may not be 'Paiyya' but it is definitely Yuvan back to his energetic times
Movie Crow
Watch it for the dynamic Suriya
Barring a few twists and turns, it does entertain Suriya fans to an extent and leaves out the rest
Suriya carries the movie on his shoulders just like he always does
Cinema Lead
'Anjaan' disappoints on a Himalayan scale
'Anjaan' is a passable action thriller
Only Kollywood
'Anjaan' is an out and out entertainer, from start to finish
Bollywood Life
It is high time Lingusamy, who is reluctant to change, accepts the fact that age-old formula doesn't work anymore
Now Running
'Anjaan' album rocks and it's here to top the charts
Sulekha Movies
The music has good mix of Western instruments interspersed with rustic beats carried ably by a barrage of talented singers
Bollywood Life
Undoubtedly, it is Suriya’s show all the way, he is a treat to watch in high energy action sequences and his awesome onscreen chemistry with cute Samantha is admirable
Deccan Chronicle
It is a film which in my opinion you should skip for various reasons
Mad About Moviez
'Anjaan' basically revolves around a couple of plot twists - one, a big reveal around the interval point and another before the climax
The Times of India
'Anjaan' is for those who seek unabashed entertainment and relish masala films
'Anjaan' turns to be an engaging film laced with commercial elements of love, action, sentiments, glamour and friendship
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