Ankur (1974)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Review Summary: A good ol'd classic!

Average Critic Rating: (4.50)
Release Date: 01 Jan 1974

Plot: Ankur is a film that analyzes human behavior in general and heavily stresses characterization (though the story is not fictional). The story revolves around two characters, Lakshmi and Surya. Ankur is also there. Lakshmi ( Shabana Azmi ) lives in a village with her husband Kishtayya ( Sadhu Meher ), a Read more

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Shyam Benegal’s unforgettable debut, “Ankur”, has many of the classic themes that would figure often in his later movies. The conflicts within a village, the struggle of strong women against the patriarchal society and the difficulty of balancing between
Shahid Khan, Planet Bollywood