Anna (2016)

Hindi 2 hrs 10 mins Biography
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Review Summary: Tries hard to capture the essence of the movement but 'Anna' falls flat

Average Critic Rating: (2.33)
Cast: Shashank Udapurkar , Tanishaa Mukerji , Govind Namdev , Sharat Saxena , Kishor Kadam , Daya Shankar Pandey
Director: Shashank Udapurkar
Release Date: 14 Oct 2016
Est. Budget: 2.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 3.0 CR

Plot: Anna: Kisan Baburao Hazare is an upcoming Indian biographical film, directed and written by Shashank Udapurkar. It is based on the life of Indian social activist Anna Hazare Read more

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Anna - All Reviews

Overall, the film does deliver what it set out to do.
The film has all the elements to turn it as a mass entertainer. However director completely failed to elevate the heroism of Vijay. Interval bang is good but there are many scenes that test the patience of viewers. There is lot of lag between various scenes. Except for Vijay fans it is complete disappointment for movie lovers.
he film's length is about three hours. There is so much lag between the scenes (which should have edited out) that would test the patience of audience. This movie should be better with a remote in hand and finger on the Fast Forward button. Vijay's diehard fans may like it, but for others Anna is a disappointment. The dubbing rights holders may enter safe zone due to low costs and good season without competition from Telugu films.
Overall, a below average movie. you may like “ Anna ” more for Vijay’s acting. It’s all very predictable and sort of lame in some areas. Without expectations we can watch this movie one time.
Born to Lead is an action thriller with all masala elements to woo the Telugu audience. Vijay's performance is the main attraction of the film. GV Prakash's music, Nirav Shah's picturisation, Santhanam's comedy, stylishly choreographed action and dance sequences, beautiful locales, costumes and art work are its other highlights. The tried and tested story, dragging narration in the second half and unmatchable background score in a few scenes are its main drawbacks.
Vijay's "Anna" is not a complete movie. It is not a worthy watch and it is just one time watch. You may not satisfy with this flick.
It is not sufficient to have a good concept and storyline. One should also have the right knack of conceiving it onto screen and make it engrossing. This didn’t happen for the film. The first half goes about with elements of romance, comedy and some songs while the interval bang was alright.
Another hagiography
Vishal Verma, Glam Sham
To sum it up, Anna could have been a great action entertainer, but ends up as an aboveaverage flick, thanks to the long duration which plays a powerful villain than Abhimanyu Singh.
There are a number of things to like about this film — performances, music and cinematography in particular. The story, though, is rehashed from old hits and the execution is far from satisfying. This is neither an action drama nor a mass masala. It’s somewhere in between. A few moments keep you at the edge of your seat
The Hindu
tar cast has done well in this movie, but surprisingly technical crew falls short of expectations. There are few big names in the technical team, but Anna is not a product of their standards. Nirav Shah's cinematography is average. Editing is not up to the mark. Music by GV Prakash is a total let down. His background score is alright though.
The film is a routine revenge formula and there were rumours that it is the sequel for Nayakudu. Director Vijay planned to make an action thriller but he killed the entire script with routine screenplay and poor direction. Lack of twists in the film turned into a poor dud.
Anna is not a complete heady movie. In some portions, the flow is poignant while in some portions, it becomes very lazy. Basically, the concept taken is very serious. In order to balance the movie, AL Vijay added a good romantic track peppered with comedy of Santhanam. In fact, story begins to unfold only in pre-interval episodes. Interval bang was arousing. Then first 20 to 30 minutes of second half was also zesty.
As you walk out of the cinema hall having watched 'Anna', you feel sorry for the film, since this was one that probably had tremendous potentials, but which failed to evolve into an exciting film on screen. Everything feels mediocre barring the acting, and for once, even the twists seem uninspiring. Story has some similarities with films like "Andhrawala", "Sarkar", "Shankam" and "Rebel" over the basic storyline. The entire script is devised to cater mass and class audiences.
Director failed in all the ways in projecting the protagonist as hero. The love track in first half need not be made so lengthy. He could have given interval 20 minutes before itself. The director couldn’t reach the expectations even with second half by giving real elevation for Anna.
Anna’ is a disappointment. In fact, it is a wasted opportunity. With that kind of a story line, the film should have ended up as a solid commercial drama. But all it manages to do is drag on and on. The Box Office prospects for this film look quite bleak in Andhra Pradesh.
Actor-director Shashank Udapurkar's biopic Anna, is a sad linear sketch of the man who brought the Delhi establishment on its knees
Prasanna D Zore, REDIFF
'Anna' is a disappointment. In fact, it is a wasted opportunity. With that kind of a story line, the film should have ended up as a solid commercial drama. But all it manages to do is drag on and on. The Box Office prospects for this film look quite bleak in Andhra Pradesh.
Anna is not a complete political film. It gives you decent entertainment against a backdrop of violence. Despite lack of much fighting, Anna is a worthy one time watch.
But the film Anna, obsessed with glorifying the man, makes the story of that life look dull.
Anshu Lal, First Post
Technically the film is a real feat, with the kind of camera work & fast paced editing by Nirav Shah and Anthony, respectively, which capture the raw nature of the non-urbanized sections of Mumbai. The film emits a generally sober tone in its colors and costumes while in India, except for the songs, and that coupled with generally realistic looking action sequences by Silva make for a more adult entertainer.
irector AL.Vijay selected routine mass entertainer with revenge elements. Even then he could have scored a hit but failed miserably to do so. Lack of twists,lack of mass elements, unconvincing storyline, weak climax, long duration tested the patience of movie lovers. Director lacked direction and mediocre screenplay did not help the cause at all.Though Vijay came out with good performance lack of strength in the story affected the film.
The film has a simple story, much like the man, with minimal plot twists
Mihir Bhanage, The Times of India