Anukshanam (2014)

Telugu 1 hrs 45 mins Thriller, Crime, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.96)
Cast: Tejaswi Madivada , Vishnu Manchu
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Release Date: 13 Sep 2014

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Anukshanam - All Reviews

I Luv Cinema
Anuskhanam is a raw film told in a Hollywood-style format with out-of-the-box crime story. Simply put, Anukshanam is Tollywood’s answer to Hollywood. Keeping all its highlights and drawbacks aside, one should watch the film for once at least. This is far better than star and director’s previous film Rowdy.
A crime thriller that passes muster.
India Glitz
One feels that RGV may have to do away with the raw kind of BG score that he has been infatuated with, especially when the target audience are different. Whether it is a biopic on Paritala Ravi or a horror thriller or a crime thriller like this one, the stuck gramophone behind the screen belches out the same music
A good presentation and as it is a psycho thriller movie, much shouldn't be revealed
Vamshi, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
RGV came with a psycho thriller inspired by a real life incident. It’s a novel concept never touched in Tollywood. Those who have seen Hollywood flicks find nothing new. However RGV left many questions unanswered as he gave more importance on portraying emotions rather than police investigation on the whole case. Logic went for a toss in the film which is the major drawback.
Anukshanam’ is neither a suspense nor a thriller movie because the very opening scenes by large reveal the killer. Later, it is the approach of director and gripping screenplay should tighten the seat belts. Here RGV did not show his trademark. Murders happen one by one and police run one after other with media on chase. Really story moves no where except the barbarism in killer advertised. Instead of a second by second increase in pulse rate of public, RGV suppressed the gusto. All in all, ‘Anukshanam’ is not a regular commercial cinema. It has a hard hitting subject with commanding performances from Vishnu, Surya.
'Anukshanam' had so much potential to be a truly edgy film, however, it just ends up being loud and gruesome
Hemanth Kumar, The Times of India
nukshanam instantly strikes a chord for reasons that are manifold. The movie's gritty realistic narration is something bolt out of the blue in Telugu films and this works in a big way for the film. At a time, T-town is running after illogical mass-masala commercial potboilers like Power, Rabhasa, one needs a lot of courage to come up with such a film which sans songs, comedy, over-the-top action episodes. Kudos to Vishnu and Varma for putting efforts in what they believed in
We opine that this is the best film among RGV’s recent ones. The film is ideally good for those who are used to enjoy thrillers. So film lovers get an option to spend this weekend.
Ram Gopal Varma has made Anukshanam by sticking to its genre and by not adding any Indian masala to it (except for Brahmanandam scenes). This film is shot in a reasonable budget in Varma kind of innovative film techniques. Anukshanam is probably the first Telugu film that is auctioned online. It’s like an independent film. It’s a dark film and is definitely not for weak hearted. Anukshanam is a film that has chances to appeal to the movie lovers who like this genre.
On the whole, Anukshanam is surely RGV’s better films in the recent past. Interesting set up, racy narration and superb performance by Vishnu are huge assets. On the flip side, simple loop holes and a hurried up climax spoil the fun to an extent. Finally, if you go in without expectations and go with the mood of the film, you will surely end up liking this decent psycho thriller.
Director Ram Gopal Varma came with this psycho thriller inspired by various real life incidents. He attracts with his novel plot. But he stops there. He left many loopholes in the whole story. He did not highlight the investigation angle and concentrated more on highlighting the emotions to create fear in viewers. His direction and screen-play is ok but lacked clarity in the whole concept. Many such films came in Hollywood long time back and for Hollywood buffs and this film has nothing new.
Anukshanam is totally a psycho crime thriller, a well made Ram Gopal Varma film with right effects of action. The ace filmmaker keeps audiences hooked with the help of some neat performances by his choice of actors.Thanks to RGV’s experience that he could make one and half hour action thriller movie with no commercial elements except few comedy tracks by Brahmi. And viewers will not feel fed up until they come to watch romance, songs, dance and regular comedy in the film.
‘Anukshanam’ is a genre film that is quite rare to come by in Telugu Cinema. The movie has its limitations. But good performances from Vishnu Manchu and Revathi coupled with a reasonably good effort from Ram Gopal Varma make this movie work. If you do not want to sample regular and routine commercial cinema, and are willing to try something different, you may watch ‘Anukshanam’.
Ram Gopal Varma once again throws a shit kind of film on the face of audience. It is clear that there is not application from the director nor the intent to deliver good output to his fans. Its just that he got a bunch of actors, technicians and producers get to work with him for the sake of getting associated with him. Having said that it is a zillion times better than Ice Cream.
An Engaging Psycho Thriller!
Nani, AP Today
Vishnu should be appreciated who is doing script oriented films rather than looking for commercial films. He looked good as cop and his body language, dialogue delivery have improved. You will definitely see a new Vishnu in this film. Yesteryear's heroine Revathi makes a comeback to Tollywood and she is one of the vital persons in the film. Revathi's knowledge on psycho killers show RGV's indepth analysis that he did not the subject.
A series of murders happen in the city of Hyderabad and the killers leaves no clue for the police. So, special branch ACP Gautam [Manchu Vishnu] will be deployed to trace the psycho killer. However, despite many attempts, Gautam and his team fail to catch the killer while murder number increases. In a ray of hope, Gautam approaches an NRI psychologist [Revathi] who studies about the behavioural patterns of psychotic killers
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
The concept of psycho killers is generally not explored much in our Indian cinema but RGV has the habit of touching the unthinkable. This film was a good attempt in that genre and though it lacked the depth or the substance to give you a goosebump experience, it had enough to keep you busy. The first half goes around with the layering of the plot and the predictable scenes while the interval bang was interesting.
Ram Gopal Varma starts his film with two premises – that serial killing is very much a reality in India as it is in the West and secondly that serial killers kill their victims for sheer pleasure. In fact, the film has Seetharam saying, ‘Sachin ki cricket ante ishtam, naaku champatam ante ishtam’