Apaharan (2005)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama, Social

Plot: Ajay Shastri ( Ajay Devgan ) is an unemployed, honest graduate who dreams of joining the police force. His father, Raghuvansh Shastri ( Mohan Agashe ) is a highly principled and moralistic man. An ex-schoolteacher and Gandhi follower, now a social activist, Prof. Shastri expects his son to follow in... Read more

Apaharan - Movie Reviews

On the whole APAHARAN is an honest attempt that looks at the spate of kidnappings in Bihar but the dry
Bollywood Hungama
As Sir Paul McCartney recently sang, 'There's a fine line between chaos and creation.'
Prakash Jha has, most of the times, attempted realistic, hard-hitting films. The films seem straight out of life, as if you're watching a real-life incident unfold right in front of your eyes.
India Today
Its a Jungle out there. And no one other than Prakash Jha knows how to present the Jungle, its inhabitants and the events better on screen. After 'Gangajal', Prakash Jha comes up with yet another gripping tale of an organized crime in the cow belt, this time picking up the issue of 'Apaharan' i.e. kidnapping. No, he doesn't try to solve the issue but presents to audience the tale of what happens behind the scene of this organized crime. While both the print and satellite media merely flashes the headlines, the director has gone a few steps ahead to show the 'why' and the 'how' of it!
India Glitz
Carry on Prakash, this country needs more filmmakers like you
Smash Hits