Arrambam (2013)

Tamil 2 hrs 37 mins Drama, Action, Thriller
85 %
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Sahi: 11 Nahi: 2

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Average Critic Rating: (3.11)
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Arrambam - Movie Reviews

Vishnuvardhan manages a reasonable balance; fans are likely to be delighted with a narrative that pumps up their hero’s strengths and downplays his failings, and others are likely to come away without feeling too insulted
The Hindu
It should have been a tense Mexican standoff but what we get is a rather amateurish shootout that is extended with a redundant coda
The Times of India
'Arrambam' is far from perfect, but as pulpy Kollywood action films go, it's very watchable and works to its strengths
Ajith and Vishnuvardhan are back with yet another pulsating and stylish action entertainer
'Arrambam' which works solely on Ajith's charisma, can be watched for some well orchestrated action sequences
Now Running
Kudos to the Arrambam team for managing to live up to the Himalayan hype with an action flick which packs enough punch
Only Kollywood
'Arrambam' has its flaws but a refreshing first half, a slick flashback & Ajith's overwhelming presence make this click
There are a few sudden jumps in the movie’s flow and its better not to question them too much, and just enjoy the bond type commercial offering from Ajith
Behind Woods
'Arrambam' is far from perfect, but it works mostly because of Ajith's mannerisms though it doesn't come anywhere near Mankatha or Billa
Bangalore Mirror
As usual Yuvan has given us a feast with different genres of songs, satisfying Thala fans
Cinema News Today
'Arrambam' is a stylish and fast-paced action thriller set in the backdrop of the 26/11 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, that is unfortunately let down by its uninspired and mediocre storyline
The story has no real strength or purpose and hence the awesome stunt scenes and the star cast is what supports the movie
India Glitz