Avatharam (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 26 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.38)
Cast: Bhanupriya Kaushal , Radhika Kumaraswamy , Rishi
Director: Kodi Ramakrishna
Release Date: 18 Apr 2014

Avatharam - All Reviews

After watching a film like Avataram, you will be left wondering why_x000D_ our so called experienced film makers turn out such destitute and_x000D_ bland films. The main draw back of this film is the weak_x000D_ characterization of the god and the evil. Avataram has no story as_x000D_ such as the whole narration stands on a wafer thin line. Though the_x000D_ director somehow succeeded in showcasing spirituality in the beginning_x000D_ but he failed to elevate the mood of the film afterwards. It may be_x000D_ like a very small story told with high-flown meaningless lines and_x000D_ soul-less graphics. On the whole, compared to Kodi Ramakrishna's_x000D_ earlier fantasy films such as Ammoru, Devi and Devvulu, this film is_x000D_ the weakest among all.
S Koti, AP Herald
It seems to be a crucial juncture for Janapriyanayakan Dileep that any movie that doesn't accompany his characteristic  funny ways and characters won't even start well. The latest to support this case is senior director Joshy’s 'Avathaaram', which tells a revenge story with out any Dileep brand of offerings. With nothing to excite his regular fans the child folk' the movie is sure to exit soon from release centres.
India Glitz
Do so if you want to enjoy the next 167 minutes of your life
Teena Elizabeth, BookMyShow
if you can forgive few flaws, watch Avatharam movie
I Luv Cinema