Avunu (2012)

Telugu Drama, Thriller, Horror
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Average Critic Rating: (2.97)
Cast: Harshvardhan Rane , Ravi Babu , Shamna Kasim
Director: Ravi Babu
Release Date: 21 Sep 2012

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Avunu - All Reviews

Decent thriller, worth one watch
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
Movie Details Director: Ravi Babu Cast: Ravi Babu , Poorna, Harsha Vardhan Music: Sekhar Chandra Length:  1 hr 55 minsBook Tickets|See Trailer
Pratyush, BookMyShow
Telugu Mirchi
Unlike Anasuya and Amaravathi, Avunu is not a mixed baggage of suspense and macabriety.  However, there is the usual dose of perversion and lechery.  There is less gore and less of nailbiting moments, and even less investigation of the criminal's psychology.  The film is more about the unsatisfied spirit gaining easy access to its muse's bathroom and bedroom.  Ravi Babu doesn't fill the film with enough twists and turns.  As the film gets repetitious, you would expect something more at least towards the climax or in the flashback.  Sadly, the film doesn't have both a climax and an engaging flashback.  The ending is apparently abrupt but very logical.  It is a rarity in a Telugu film where the villain (i.e., the spirit) emerges victorious, though it is not shown visually.
India Glitz
Telugu film lovers are driven by drama and intensity in this genre. Ravi Babu is a kind of director who directs films within his sensibilities. Avunu is such a kind of thriller where the fear factor and drama aren’t Indianized. I am personally not a fan of horror genre and I am of opinion that why should I spend money to get spooked. Hence I am not the right person to judge a film that is not driven by drama and intensity. If you like film of horror/thriller genre, you may watch it for it’s sensibilities and different filmmaking techniques.
Idle Brain
Avunu A nice little thriller which gives required chills!
The story is about a couple taking up an apartment in a gated community Classic Homes, in the city. Poorna and Harshavardhan Rane move into their new apartment and bask in the solitude. But right from day one Poorna feels an unknown intruder with them. And much to the couple's dismay the spooky character wants to consummate a relationship with Poorna. The very thought is horrifying. Meanwhile the kid next door comes to their aid and he has some extra powers with which he communicates with haunting spirits. Though many give a dime to his claims, the couple believe him. The kid Vicky reveals that one Captain Rao is haunting the flat. Now who is this Captain and how do the couple get out of his clutches and will they live in the apartment further or flee is the core of the narration that needs to be watched
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Yes (Avunu)…it is scary and entertaining
Great Andhra