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Review Summary: Babu Bangaram" as the title says Venkatesh may be gold but the film isn't

Average Critic Rating: (2.72)
Cast: Venkatesh , Nayanthara
Director: Maruthi
Release Date: 12 Aug 2016
Est. Budget: 20.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 47.0 CR

Plot: ACP Krishna (Venkatesh) who is a kind-hearted man who has a lot of empathy even towards criminals. Sailaja (Nayanthara) is the daughter of an accused person Sastry (Jaya Prakash) for a murder, wanted by the police and hiding somewhere. Sailaja runs her family with a catering business and struggling for Read more

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Venkatesh is terrific in his role that has a bit high dosage of kindness despite being a police officer. He entertained with his mannerisms and given a very impactful performance for family audiences. Nayanathara is fantastic as Sailaja. She expressed a lot through her eyes.
SBabu Bangaram is all about entertainment and nothing about the story or novelty or variety which we expect from Maruthi. Try it only for entertainment remembering the fact who are watching yet another template comedy.
Babu Bangaram showcases Venky in yet another interesting role after a long time. Venky’s performance in various shades and decent comedy during the first half are huge assets. But the film takes a back seat during the second half as things get a bit serious. However, Maruthi deals things cleverly and ends the proceedings on a interesting note. Finally, If you keep your expectations in check and ignore the routine story line, you can happily watch this time pass entertainer with your entire family.
Ayyo… Ayyo… Ayyayyo.Commercially, the movie might open on stupendous scale taking into consideration the vacuum at Box Office. Overall result depends on how metros, A class receive the film because it can be a safe bet in B, C centres.
Babu Bangaram is aimed at being an all-round entertainer where there is something for everybody. Hence the director has filled the film with entertainment threads with Pruthvi dominating first half and Posani doing his bit in second half.
Krishna (Venkatesh) is a ACP with extra qualification pity.He fell in love with Sailaja(Nayantara) who is daughter of Sharma(Jayaprakash) who trying to escape from police. Krishna fell in love with Sailaja and helps their family from MLA Buchayya(Posani Krishna Murali) and his brother(sampath).
One will wonder how Venkatesh has okayed such a half baked script. He might have simply believed in Maruthi's capabilities of churning out blockbuster entertainers. But he has let Venkatesh and everybody down with Babu Bangaram. This film could disappoint you even if you go with low expectations. You may safely skip it.
As Maruthi’s previous movie Bhale Bhale Magadivoi is a story of a person with memory loss, Babu Bangaram is a story of a person with highly kind heart. How he solved his lover’s problem putting his kindness aside is the core of Babu Bangaram. First half has some hilarious moments involving Venkatesh, Prudhvi, Vennela Kishore and others. After a series of comic scenes without moving story even an inch forward Interval comes where a twist which is convincing but not highly interesting.
Maruthi who directed star hero like Venkatesh for the first time depended chose story that suits his style and also through which he can elevate the heroism of the star. In that way he emerged successful. However the story which he selected turned out to be routine that it ultimately robbed him the success flavor.
A good story with a strong script by Maruthi are the plus points.Maruthi has proved himself as an established director projecting the story on celluloid in an impressive way.The highlights of the movie are Venkatesh and Nayanatara who have done well the given roles with perfection.
Business Of Tollywood
With no story and forced humour, Venkatesh is only saving grace
First Post
The movie is Below-average and it is no where near 'BBM'. Maruthi has clearly failed to ride on his success. Comedy scenes are pretty ordinary and weak screenplay pulls the m2ovie down even more.
Babu Bangaram" as the title says Venkatesh may be gold but the film isn't . Except for Venky's histrionics and Prudhvi's comedy, the movie completely turns bore.
Venkatesh is known for his family subjects and entertains all sorts of audience and even with Babu Bangaram hr proved his mark to remain. The while family can watch the movie and enjoy this weekend. This is a cool piece of entertainment. And now coming for the fans, this is totally a feast to the eyes!
Babu Bangaram shows how a film can fall flat if it banks only on a quirky character trait and doesn’t bother with a reasonably good plot or a coherent narration. The ‘ayyo ayyo…’ line lingers, because it’s apt to describe the experience of watching the film.
The Hindu