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Telugu Action, Drama
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Review Summary: Baahubali is as spectacular as one would expect. It lives up exceedingly to the hype of being India's most expensive film ever made!

Average Critic Rating: (3.60)
Cast: Anushka Shetty , Prabhas
Director: SS Rajamouli
Release Date: 10 Jul 2015
Est. Budget: 130.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 315.0 CR

Plot: Baahubali (English: The One With Strong Arms) is an upcoming two part Indian film, written and directed by S. S. Rajamouli. Produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni, the film is simultaneously being made in Telugu and Tamil languages. There will be dubbed versions in Hindi and Malayalam. Baahubali features Read more

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CGI and action packed epic
Rachit Gupta, Filmfare
Almost three hours go like a breeze in the company of Bahubali's eclectic protagonists, where every single one makes an 'entry' designed for wolf-whistles
Sukanya Verma, REDIFF
The fantastic direction, brilliant background score, flawless action scenes, spectacular scale and decent performances make this movie a valorous saga of entertainment
Divya Solgama, MovieZadda
A sumptuous visual feast!
Sonia Chopra, Sify
A triumph of imagination
Baradwaj Rangan, BaradwajRangan
A triumph of imagination
Baradwaj Rangan, The Hindu
Scale of ambition: gargantuan. Quality of VFX: out of the ordinary. Content: only occasionally gripping. Final impact: pretty strong.
As the cliché goes, a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, but it doesn't really matter if that first step is shaky as long as it lands firmly and confidently.
Suprateek Chatterjee, Huffington Post
SS Rajamouli's film holds out many promises: of adventure and romance, love and betrayal, valour and weakness. And delivers magnificently on each of them
Shubhra Gupta, The Indian Express
Hugely entertaining, without ever being dumb
Rajeev Masand, Rajeev Masand

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To start with, 'Baahubali' is visual feast from start to finish and there is no doubt about it. Whether its the eye-catching waterfall or the high-octane war scenes, You will be blown away by the visual grandeur and worth you ticket price no matter how much you had spend.
THE BEGINNING Is A World Class Epic
J Hurtado, Twitch Films
एंटरटेनमेंट से भरपूर है राजामौली की 'बाहुबली'
Rajamouli and his crew delivered a classic film with a magnificent performance form the lead characters Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, Sudeep, Adivi Sesh, Nassar, Prabhakar.Every frame,every scene, every sequence of Bahubali is an extraordinary.
Prabhas shines like a diamond in SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus!
Bollywood Life
Bahubali-The Beginning will not disappoint you anyway. Go with zero expectations and enjoy the visual treat.
The Wiire
Prabhas amazing and mesmerizing performance, Tamanna’s glamour, Rana’s terrific performance, huge war sequences, extravagant sets with Rajmouli’s beautiful screenplay makes this film a surely watchable one for every Indian. It becomes a Great experience to watch the film for the Indians all over the world. Don’t miss it.
He brings a certain charm to his performance, fully understanding the personality of his character BEN-HUR was nominated for 12 Academy Awards and won an unprecedented 11. Let's see how our jury receives this EPIC!
Martin D'Souza, Glam Sham
Be warned. While watching this one, you might have to periodically pick up your jaw off the floor. Because this is not a mere movie, it is an unbelievably thrilling fantasy ride.
respective of the word-of-mouth, ‘Baahubali’ will shatter all the records of TFI including First-Day/Weekend/Week. It already obtained $1 million in USA through Thursday premieres alone and Day 1 AP/Nizam share could be over Rs 15 crore. Revenues in Bengaluru will be on par with Hyderabad and around 125 screens have been allotted in Kerala. Dharma Productions helped a regional project receive wide release in North Indian circuits but the word-of-mouth could hamper the chances of becoming highest grossing dubbed flick ever. All in all, ‘Baahubali’ is a money machine and it sets the bar so high that people couldn’t even dare to compare its Openings with other films at least few years.
Bahubali is ‘Pride of Telugu Cinema’
Baahubali is NOT TO BE MISSED. Today, you may call it a BOX-OFFICE BLOCKBUSTER. Tomorrow, it will be remembered as a CLASSIC.This will stand as classics beside Paathalabhairavi, Maayabazaar
To begin with, Baahubali has got visual wonder. Audience can witness a graphical extravaganza and Rajamouli has raised the standards of filmmaking in India. Baahubali is said to be the first Indian motion picture and Rajamouli has lived up to the expectations.
Overall, while the film has a feel good factor, the story and its visuals are heavily inspired by Hollywood historicals. Watch the film for being an Indian version of a grandeur film.
It consistently delivers top-class entertainment and spectacle
The original Telugu and Tamil version has the germs to become the biggest ever South Indian BLOCKBUSTER. Don’t miss this Epic Adventure.
Bolly Arena
Brilliant movie created by S. S. Rajamouli; Prabhas and Rana Daggubati have put their best foot forward!
Maggie Davis, India.Com
Overall Baahubali is a easy one time watch even with all the misgivings for the herculean effort taken by the team to bring it to us, the viewers. Keep the expectations in check and fulfill your quest for a grand visual epic wonder.
Baahubali is a SPECTACULAR CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE which deserves to be watched only on a 70 MM Screen.
Talking Moviez
Waterfalls touching the sky… Marvellous Palace of Maahishmati.. Stunning episode of lifting the hundred foot statue of Bhallaaladeva… And that Royal atmosphere sprinkled all over .. everything is made believed that it is real.
‘Bahubali’ has achieved what many films have aspired to-mind-boggling scale.
Archita Kashyap, Koi Moi
With hunky heroes and great battle scenes, SS Rajamouli's fantasy film is epic
Deepanjana Pal, First Post
Finally, if you ignore the predictable story line and keep your expectations in check, Baahubali is bound to entertain you big time
123 Telugu
When the name of the character is Kattapa the audience knows where he is coming from. No such issues with the immersive soundtrack though with Kailash Kher shining through
The Hindu
Commercially, ‘Bahubali’ is all set to open for thunder storms at ticket counters. How far and how long will war episodes alone save this film has to be wait and seen. For more precision into the whole story of 'Bahubali,' be optimistic on Rajamouli to kickstart 'Bahubali - The Conclusion' because he left many threads open in this exhaustive first part.
Without any iota of doubt. Rajamouli's Baahubali is Indian cinema's proud. It is almost impossible for a lover of mainstream cinema not to be in awe by this stunningly grandiose mix of action, emotion, drama and magic. Do not miss.
Vishal Verma, India Glitz
A visual spectacle. A must watch movie
Telugu Cinema
Don’t miss it.
Sarita A Tanwar, DNA India
A visual feast, 'Bahubali' is not Rajamouli enough. The Hollywoodish ending may well be a trendsetter, but the question is, are the audience ready for such one? A one time watch.
SS Rajamouli's Baahubali is an epic in two parts, narrated through spectacular visuals and amazing special effects, including a 30-minute battle scene helmed with admirable precision.
ll the actors do a competent job but Daggubati’s suave menace, Prabhas's charismatic energy, Sathyaraj's stony-faced enigma and Ramya's seasoned spunk stand out. A lot has transpired in The Beginning itself but how these characters will emerge when the story finally wraps up is thrilling to look forward to.
Rediff Movies
Rajamouli’s Hard work, Prabhas and Rana’s dedication will make you to Salute
I Luv Cinema
Bahubali is a film with loads of positive elements, which make the film not just good but great
Just Bollywood
Prabhas looks inconsistent in terms of looks and sometimes exhausted too. To be honest he was disappointing in bunch of scenes and covered it up well in some vital scenes. The love-track between Sivudu and Avantika was good having a Raghavendra Rao mark style. There is not much footage of Rana, but the movie sets the stage for a probably mind-blowing performance in the second part of Bahubali. However, his introduction scene was something special. Satyaraj also excelled as Kattappa.
Visually spellbinding epic, worth a watch
Aparna Mudi, Zee News India
Given the sky high expectations, Baahubali The Beginning might leave you with a pinch of disappointment.
Baahubali is an attempt to up the ante and take Telugu movies to a higher level. Please watch it!
Idle Brain
बाहुबली में सीजी इफेक्ट से तैयार जलप्रपात, महल, युद्ध के मैदान और युद्ध में तकनीकी टीम का कौशल दिखता है।
For the incomparable visuals; for the strong portrayal of women in several roles; for the chiselled Rana Daggubati and Prabhas who look good enough to eat; for the great battle scenes; for the captivating story line; and mostly for your own thorough entertainment. This movie is 100% paisa vasool.
Despite its shortcomings, Baahubali is a significant marker in Indian film-making and SS Rajamouli’s career for the audacity and unmatched visualization that opens up more avenues for ambitious technicians
Surendhar MK, Only Kollywood
Baahubali has its flaws but still remains to be a classical wonder. The hard work of the team is visible in every frame, every one tried their level best to transform Rajamouli's dream in to reality. The two parts release seem to have a negative effect on the ace director at the end. But still the movie is watchable
Bumpy ' Beginning' with Spectacular Visuals.Bahubali is Rajamouli's weakest script to date! However it is visually mind-boggling that we could excuse some of its shortcomings. Wish Rajamouli comes up with a packed script in the second part. On the box office front, Bahubali - The Beginning will surely shatter the records irrespective of its weak points.
Baahubali will be extremely liked for its magnificent look, but will disappoint due to simple ending. The end is not so intriguing like that of a Lord of Rings or Hobbit films to wait for years for the next. Otherwise, Rajamouli has upped the bar of Indian graphics and war films, as he has almost matched the quality to Hollywood standards.
First quarter drags at snail's pace while pre interval scenes are attractive. Rajamouli relived the war scenes. Prabhas, Rana though paled in dialogue delivery, attracted in other aspects. A visual wonder has been created by Rajamouli.Baahubali is a visual wonder.
Visual Spectacle With Weak Climax
Great Andhra
There's an overall lack of feelings in Baahubali. With that said, maybe a duology is just too much to ask of “Baahubali”, and hopefully Baahubali – the conclusion will be more superior to the part one.
AP Herald
Finally, Rajamouli, a sure shot pride of Telugu cinema has once again proved his stamina. He kept up all the expectations of the fans and the cinema lovers across the world, by giving a visual treat. His direction capabilities for Baahubali might even be the lessons to the aspiring future film makers. Though there are a few dips in the screenplay here and there, the way he presented them smashes those dips too.
Aravind, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
They say, all's well that ends well! Bahubali: The Beginning is just that. Cannot wait to watch the conclusion of this grand saga that will unfold in a few months from now!
Shishir Gautam, Nowrunning
Finally, if you ignore the predictable story line, Baahubali is bound to entertain you big time.
Avad M, Bollywood3
Make way for Rajamouli's fantasy film with epic battle scenes, hunky heroes
Deepanjana Pal, First Post
Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle
The script of this predictable story prepared by S S Rajanouli is very good.All the actors got involved in the roles and presented well on the screen. Anushka has no big role in this first part of Baahubali. The war scene which is lasted for about half an hour is very well presented.The waterfalls back drop in the starting half an hour is very catchy.Heavy graphic designs are treat to watch.The background music by Keeravani is excellent. K K Senthil Kumar over worked for the movie to present well the frame by frame scenes.The editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is good.He trimmed well the scenes.
Business Of Tollywood
Fantastic bang for your buck in most expensive Indian movie ever made
Mike McCahill, The Guardian
When you are entering into the theatre to experience a magnum opus of Rajamouli, you certainly have a imagination of what Rajamouli can impress you. With a mythology oriented story, the director draws too many inspirations from Hollywood films and offers something that is not required and here he failed to connect the pulse of the audiences.
As for part two, bring it on!
On the whole, despite having a first half that is rather slow, and a ballistic second half
Bollywood Hungama
SS Rajamouli’s eye-popping period spectacle raises the bar for the Indian action movie by several notches
Nandini Ramnath, Scroll.In
As it ends, one hopes that 2016's Bahubali has none of the above discrepancies and is in true sense of the term India's answer to Avatar is terms of being a cinematic landmark
Pink Villa
If Baahubali is missed, your struggle to find the stamina of Telugu cinema might not be achieved again. It can undoubtedly make every Indian proud.
On the whole, despite having a first half that is rather slow, and a ballistic second half, a film like BAHUBALI makes you proud that an Indian filmmaker dared to dream big and accomplished it. BAHUBALI is definitely not to be missed. Call it a box-office blockbuster today, but tomorrow, it will be remembered as a classic.
In any case Rajamouli isn't known as much for originality as he is for delivering an overwhelming cinematic experience. But we're afraid there's plenty that has gone wrong on that score too. There's got to be something wrong when the highest point in what is Telugu cinema's greatest war sequence is a minute-long monologue delivered by Prabhas, who sounds a little too shrill for his rippling muscles
The Times Of India
Brilliant vision, well executed! Go watch Baahubali as Indian visuals effects industry comes of age
Behind Woods
I can say Baahubali is a Visual Wonder and its a Good Attempt. on whole its a decent film expect slow first half every thing is good .lets wait for Baahubali conclusion 2016
An impressively mounted by-the-numbers epic
Uday Bhatia, Live Mint
The movie has its share of moments but the problem comes when you wish to watch a Epic from Rajamouli. So folks, set your minds free and fall in love with Baahubali
Pravallika Anjuri, Filmi Beat