Baba (2002)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Family, Action
100 %
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Average Critic Rating: (3.00)
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Plot: The film opens with the birth of Baba ( Rajinikanth ), who is a 'baba amsa sambhootudu'. Baba grows up as an atheist, hot-blooded guy and a Good Samaritan. His life style includes consuming alcohol, smoking beedi, chewing paan parag, His mother ( Sujatha ) and his maternal uncle (... Read more

Baba - Movie Reviews

First half of the film is OK. Second half is average. There _x000D_ are some boring moments in the second half. There are political _x000D_ references about the mistakes done by the politicians and _x000D_ their apathy towards helping the poor. These kinds of references _x000D_ work well for the Tamilnadu crowds as that depicts the current _x000D_ situation of Tamilnadu where masses want to see Rajni in the _x000D_ seat of CM. For all its strengths and weaknesses, this film _x000D_ is definitely worth a watch for Ranji's style and mannerisms. _x000D_ We have to wait and see how it clicks with AP crowds.
Idle Brain
South Indian superstar Rajnikanth deserves a Nobel Prize, if not for literature, then for imagination in his latest film, Baba.