Back Bench Student (2013)

Telugu Comedy, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.08)
Cast: Archana Kavi , Mahat Raghavendra , Piaa Bajpai
Director: Madhura Sreedhar Reddy
Release Date: 15 Mar 2013

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Malli fail aina back bench student!!!
This is a film with an honest intention of arguing in favour of backbenchers. If only the screenplay had been better…. and that’s a big ‘if’.
The Hindu
On whole Back Bench Student Movie Is Good Attempt To say Education is not the only Thing In life People Who are not good at studies became Achivers in life like DHONI SACHIN Etc Etc Concept Was Good But Narration was slow over all we can one time we can watch it easily
Backbench Student is a badly executed and painfully slow movie. Poor writing, wooden performances and an irritating climax spoil the viewing experience.
Overall, the movie seems to be OK…. we can see the movie with friend’s ‘only one time’. We should not compare with the real life while watching this movie.
Let's begin with the most path breaking scene in the movie. Priyanka wakes up with a sore back, beside a topless Karthik, on his bed, and is a little unsure about what happened after the party ended last night. She's embarrassed to find out that it was Karthik's mother who applied amrutanjan and put her to sleep on her beloved son's couch!
The Times Of India
Overall Backbench Student is slow movie, fate hinges on masses.Students will encourage it once but for success at box office, masses should love it.
Failure in exams is one thing and it can never be equal to success in life. So is the story of success in exams, no one can guarantee their success in life. That is a beautiful theme.
The film has dealt with the subtle concept of relationships formed during college and how one has to possess the right talent more than education to come up in life. The first half takes off on a sober note but by interval it gains momentum.
Back Bench Student fails in all aspects!
When targeted mainly at youth and college going audience with this kind of concept and title, one needs to completely make it as an entertaining package. Director Madhura Sreedhar has absolutely fell short on all the departments. Storyline was so thin with no clarity on whether this is a triangular love story or an enlightening subject to failed students.
Overall, Back Bench Student is an average entertainer. The first half is good, but the second half drags and bores. It should be seen how youth will accept it.
Back Bench Student revolves around the protagonist, who despite being a failure in college, succeeds in life. The story attempts to harp on the importance of nurturing one’s talent, which people seldom believe in.
Back Bench Student is a romance drama and the director has included a few commercial elements like comedy and also a couple of lip-lock scenes to lure the young film goers. This does not mean that it is an out and out masala film.
Cinematography is good, though the essence and feel of the story is lost, the cinematographer made a good attempt to portray the visuals well The director failed in his subject while narrating a story about a guy who failed to clear 16 subjects
Telugu Mirchi
Generally people becoming ‘something to something’ stories tend to attract. Someone who is useless achieving something big is definitely acceptable and ‘achievers’ stories are always inspiring. The point that Sreedhar chose has material but the narrative was not appealing
Back Bench Student disappoints with very bad screenplay and poor direction.
Director Madhura Sreedhar Reddy came into the limelight with Sneha Geetham. He made It’s My Love Story last year. Both films were made with new actors. BBS is his 3rd film , but the director failed to deal the script especially the screen play , The movie lacks interest with no twists .
Backbench Student takes off with a promising start but falls flat later. The storyline is wafer thin and the proceedings are highly predictable. Screenplay goes for a toss while the lead cast apart from Pia Bajpai fails in their expressions at emotional scenes.
Coming to movie analysis over the top promotion for the film and using big names like Dhoni, Sachin as inspiration for this film. Film initiate up fresh but drops next minute with slow moving of characters introductions.
Backbench Student hopes to change the attitude of genex youth. It will appeal to college goers, genex youth and A center audiance but how it will be recieved in B,C centers decides its commercial fate.
Madhura Sridhar though selected a good point, failed in its execution. One gets the impression just like the hero character looking in dilemma, even Madhura Sridhar seemed to be in dilemma on how to deal with the subject. This resulted in unconvincing screenplay.
Except Ali there are no plus points in the movie. Ali’s comedy as project manager made viewers relief in entire movie. In the first half a character name Dolly comedy is nice.
Overall, Back Bench Student is below average entertainer. The first half is good, but the second half drags and bores. It should be seen how youth will accept it.
With a fresh pairing of leads from Tamil industry, youthful story teller Madhura Sreedhar taking more responsibility than director, over the top publicity for the film and using big names like Dhoni, Sachin and many back bench as inspiration for this film, let see what we have from BBS.
Karthik (Mahat Raghavendra) is a Back Bench Student, always indulging in fun frolic and joins an engineering college just to satisfy them. But what purpose does it serve? he fails in 16 subjects but at home gives an impression that all is well.
Back Bench Student is like a film made with a team of back benchers. None of the team have put up their hand to pull this off. Story starts off an alright note and treads along in an okay manner for few minutes. But the director is left clueless after sometime.
Hate it when they publicize about how quickly and cheaply this or the rest of Sreedhar’s films are made. Because when a basic standard is not cared for, the purely (boring) business interest of it is seems wrong and dangerous.
Madhura Sreedhar always looked to be a promising director for me. But he failed to reach the expectations totally. There is not even one department in the movie which is taken proper care of. And now the resultant is a huge disappointment!
Director Madhura Sreedhar has taken a plot points that have been done to death and tries to present it in a fresh way. He succeeds partly in giving that fresh vibe but otherwise he sticks largely to the tried and tested template.
Back Bench Student is an interesting subject with college’s life. The movie’s first half has only first 30mins to watch it with interesting narration. The movie’s story is predictable and lacks in many elements. The actor’s slow pace performance really tests audience pulse to come out of the watch box at utmost cases.