Badmaashiyaan (2015)

Hindi 2 hrs 12 mins Comedy, Drama
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Total Reviews: 14
Sahi: 2 Nahi: 12

Review Summary: Badmaashiyaan tries hard to be funny, but a poor script causes it to fall flat

Average Critic Rating: (1.43)
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Est. Box Office Collection: 0.6 CR

Plot: Café owner Dev’s girlfriend Na-ri left him the night he meant to propose to her. Months later, he meets Palak, a young woman living next door, during a bank hold-up. Dev’s friend Pinkesh, a private investigator, has been trying to track down Na-ri for him. He finds that she is... Read more

Badmaashiyaan - Movie Reviews

Watch it only for few enjoyable scenes and comical performance of Sharib Hashmi
Moviez Adda
The tagline of the film says 'Fun Never Ends'. That's odd really, because one was waiting for the fun to begin all through the movie.
The second half picks up a bit when Sharib Hashmi gets some mileage but a few scenes later, he too ends up hamming and gets loud to match the sensibilities of the film
Badmashiyaan does not have any real plot to tell so it crams the script with numerous characters, who enter and leave at will
Talented new actors who know how to juice funny scenes for all they are worth make this a warmly welcome comedy.
Though it falls short of being an incredible movie but the unique style of narration, makes it pleasantly watchable.
Times of India
Watch it if you have do not have anything to do in world, not even a ceiling fan to stare
Box Office Capsule
Catch fun and masti till the last minute of Badmashiyaan Badmashiyaan falls under the category of romantic comedy movie
Just Bollywood
When I went to watch this lesser known film, to be honest, I had a lot of expectations from the film
C'Mon, Mr Pahlaj Nihalani, it's high time you come with some rules for movies like these.
Glam Sham
Badmashiyaan is a height of mediocrity and showcase of pathetic love stories that lack the emotion in iteself. I could have watched cheesier love doevy romances but this supposed rom-com actually made me love sick.
Koi Moi
On the whole, BADMASHIYAAN is a shabbily made 'not so funny' entertainer that is worth giving a skip.
Bollywood Hungama
They lost us at the title. When a film is called Fun Never Ends — Badmashiyaan, you are not exactly expecting to laugh your guts out venturing into the hall.
The Hindu