Bandipotu (2015)

Telugu 2 hrs 20 mins Comedy, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.56)
Cast: Allari Naresh , Eesha
Director: Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Release Date: 20 Feb 2015

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The movie starts with introduction about Vishwa (Allari Naresh). He is a rip off guy and cheating all the rich people. Later on Viswa met Jahnavi(Esha) and she appoints Viswa to take revenge on Makrandam (Tannikella Bharani), Seshagiri (Rao Ramesh) and Bale Babu (Posani).
This is a basic revenge story with a few comedy scenes
Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle
Bandipotu starts off on an interesting note. Director Indraganti's style of classy humor clicks at times in spite of predictable plot. First half runs at a smooth pace and sets the right mood for the next hour. But the director lost grip over the narrative during second half. The film gets boring as the political drama begins.
The film leaves you wondering if the utter-simplicity with which the protagonist pulls off the con job is a big dampener to the story itself
Hemanth Kumar, The Times of India
'Bandipotu' is an entertaining crime comedy that presents Allari Naresh in an all new light
S Mahesh Koneru, Releaseday
It would be difficult for a viewer and reviewer to grade this kind of a film. There can’t be any wrong and absurd combination of director and hero than this one. This is a classic example of what a complete mismatch in cast, crew really means. A volume of questions strike our thoughts on what is such interesting part in story and script provoked Naresh and Rajesh to accept, act and produce ‘Bandipotu.’
Thirty minutes in to the movie many may ask themselves “why on earth am I sitting here?” but the trick to get the fine parts of Bandipotu is to sit with longanimity. The poor screenplay and logicless narration can be blamed for this. The movie is immensely dragged out infact, its takes a good twenty minutes for the movie to get to its point and even then it takes a further thirty minutes or so for the main point issue to arise. One may think why on earth Naresh & Aryan decided to invest in a movie that not only has a casual point and also noncommercial packaging?
Bandipotu which Allari Naresh claims is a tribute to NTR, was promoted as a class film from the word go. Though the audiences associated Allari Naresh with comedy genre, he seems to have made a conscious effort to break that image and present himself as a hero instead of a comedy hero. -
This is one improper comedy-drama that remotely feels Allari Naresh. Over the years, Naresh has evolved a style of his own, his kind of funny lines are everyone’s favourite. While this style goes missing here, Indraganti makes the often rib-tickling actor become somewhat serious. Was he thinking of an image makeover for his hero?
Bandipotu is not a regular entertainer what we expect from Allari Naresh. Indraganti Mohan Krishna cames up with a good screenplay which takes the film forward effortlessly. The film has a good climax and conclusion but comedy quotient is not handled well even with good resources.
On an average, this flick may get average collections at the box office.
Kumar, Chirtamala
On the whole, Bandipotu will be a new leaf in Allari Naresh’s career. With this film he proves that he can carry an author backed role with aplomb. Naresh’s performance and a interesting set up are basic assets. If you make sure to go in with an open mind and forget Naresh’s typical comedy touch, you will end up liking this different attempt.
A script that needed was meant to be an intelligent mind game ends up looking like a halfbaked comedy.
India Glitz
Bandipotu portrays Allari Naresh in a new dimension. Acting wise, the movie stands as one of the best films in his career. Success of ‘Bandipotu’ largely depends on A Centres, because the audience in B and C centres may not embrace this movie, due to lack of comedy quotient.
Unlike the other routine comedies, this film comes with a meaningful plot and it has been executed in the right manner. The first half is more breezy with elements of humor, some drama and some romance. The interval bang was promising. Things got slower in the second half but the climax picked up well. If only some length was trimmed in the second half, the impact would have been great.
'Bandipotu's story is nothing new and banks on the same old Robin Hood-esque style of cinema
Ranjani Rajendra, The Hindu
ndraganti Mohana Krishna who entertained all with Antaku Mundu Aa Tarvata, tried to show Allari Naresh in different manner. Though he succeed in his attempts showing Naresh in a more serious and responsible person, fans are disappointed as he drastically deleted the hilarious, comedy timing of Naresh. This became the main drawback of the film whose plot is quite routine.
On an average, this flick may get average collections at the box office
Mohana Krishna Indraganti came with routine plot and with lack of twists and turns, story fell flat. Right from the start viewers could guess the next scene. With Allari Naresh's role not getting any of his hilarious trademark dialogues, Bandipotu failed to entertain movie lovers. Viewers are disappointed with the lack of comedy that is generally associated with Naresh's films.
Overall, Indraganti Mohan Krishna did an OK job in direction. However, it is his story and screenplay that plays the spoilsport. Even the dialogues are very pale and mundane. This movie was touted as a comedy movie by the filmmakers but there is neither situational comedy nor any comical punch in dialogues.
Allari Naresh is a completely different man in this film. Right from his performance to body language, everything is sublime. The way Naresh carries himself throughout the film is something that he never attempted. Probably we can say, Naresh did not overact much and did what the director has asked for. Those who are bored of seeing Allari Naresh being mischievous, will definitely enjoy his performance in 'Bandipotu.'
Allari Naresh departs from his regular style and indulges in this movie which is in a different genre. Mohan Krishna Indraganti is making sure that he is not repeating the genre in the five films he has done so far.
While Mohan Krishna Indraganti’s latest offering Bandipotu borders on similar lines it remains to be seen if the director can keep it afloat or have it resigned to the same fate as several others with half-baked scripts.
Ranjani Rajendra, The Hindu
Bandipotu misfires..!
Nani, AP Today
First half of the film is pretty decent and has some engaging moments such as Naresh cons Tanikella Bharani and Rao Ramesh. Comparatively, second half looks like deja vu type.
This movie is a comedy family entertainer . This is basically a revenge story , with a strong message. Tanikella Bharani’s episode looked childish and like the video version of Chandamama book story. Except that rest of the movie is good. Music is pleasent and ‘Alajadulu’ song choreography and cinematography is very good.
Business Of Tollywood
Music director Kalyan Koduri has done excellent job with his songs and RR . Evv Cinema production values are good .Editing is ok .director Indraganti mohana krishna will entertain audience with his dialogues but his narration in second half can be better . PG Vinda camera work is good.