Bangaru Kodipetta (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 4 mins Romance, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.36)
Cast: Navdeep Pallapolu , Swati Reddy
Director: Pippalla Raj
Release Date: 07 Mar 2014

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Bangaru Kodipetta is one of the small budget movies in the recent times Except that there is nothing special about the movie
Telugu Mirchi
For starters, the story is nothing new. Lead characters trying to rob something and ending up facing hurdles before they succeed is a plot that has been touched upon several times before. Where the film differs is the format in which Raj Pippalla has tried to present the story.
On the whole the movie with a weak plotline fails to entertain and is tiresome to sit through. The movie in fact is devoid of moments that would at least make us chuckle. Instead we are served with lame casual humor. Also, the film requires some trimming. Background Score is yet another let down. Bangaru Kodipetta indeed marks a huge fall in quality from Raj's earlier work Boni and Swathi _ Navdeep fans are definitely bound to be disappointed.
'Bronze' Kodipetta!!
Director Raj Pippala came with routine plot to entertain viewers with comedy. Many films came with same plot with lead artists trying to rob a truck or bank to solve all their problems. Director didnot add any interesting twists and turns to make people engaged. He totally failed with slow pace and to the top of it his lackluster direction and screenplay makes the matters worse.
The movie starts off fine, the first half is a romantic comedy with the main lead Navdeep involving in a robbery plan with the girl he loves the most. It's funny at times. The second half has gets together all the four character where it fails to elevate the first half base. As most of what followed in the second half is a consequence of the Navdeep - Santosh's story, isn't convincing. Overall though, the first half is entertaining. The second half is emotional (which is okay), a bit too long and very predictable.
Boni fame Raj Pippala failed to entertain with his slow pace, routine narration and uninteresting screenplay and direction. Viewers are tested for most part of the film as their expectations of film picking up pace donot come true. Lack of comedy and romance in the film is another drawback. Weak script spoils the day for Bangaru Kodipetta.
A simple climax is turned into the entire story
M Nkumar, Chirtamala
This hen fails to give golden eggs but absolutely a one time watcher for fresh subject
Vamshi, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Bangaru Kodipetta plot looks interesting, which deals with three different stories connecting in the end but director Raj Pippalla fails to provide the needed entertainment in such genres. First half of the film is quite slow while it's only in the second half the pace picks up. The climax is dealt well. The film offers few twists and the performances of the lead cast are an asset for the movie. However, screenplay could have been much more effective with entertainment and impressive dialogues, instead the routine dialogues doesn't elevate the scenes. Such genre films need to be fast-paced providing entertainment, but Bangaru Kodipetta misses the magic in these aspects resulting in a one-time watch.
Bhanu (Swati) is an independent woman who works as a sale executive in an Energy Drink firm and Vamsi (Navdeep) is her colleague. Her manager (Harshavardhan) lusts for her but Bhanu keeps avoiding somehow. Unexpectedly Bhanu is in need of money and so after trying all the possibilities she hatches a plan to rob gold biscuits from a truck of her company. Bhanu involves Vamsi to execute this plan but they accidentally get involve in pizza delivery boy and a rich landlord murder
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
The plot doesn't pack in any adrenaline rush, especially the bit surrounding of the heist
Karthik Pasupulate, The Times of India
Watch Bangaru Kodi Petaa movie if you have enough time
I Luv Cinema
A multi-narrative film with a dash of romance and an element of robbery-gone-wrong
JP, Telugu Cinema
Bangaru Kodipetta opens with humourous title cards followed by a flashback scene. But after few minutes, the movie goes into slow-motion mode and the dragging narration continues till end of the first half. The film picks up the speed after the interval and a few interesting twists keep you glued to screens in the second half. The twist in the pre-climax and climax are superb.
The flavor of thriller genre is forever a safe bet at BO when something like 'Swamy Rara' happened. The same notion is carried even for 'BKP.' In fact, the home work on paper needed for this sort of stories is more tedious. Raj Pippalla has done that. Apparently, audiences of present time are demanding more of innovative concepts and different execution. In such aspects, 'BKP' is a worthwhile product which is wrapped in a very minimal budget. Commercial output in terms of collections can be enhanced if makers concentrate on aggressive promotions.
A good final 20 minutes cannot overcome a boring and very slow first half. Bangaru Kodipetta has its moments, but as a whole, this crime drama fails to make a convincing impression. At the Box Office, whatever limited run it might have will be limited to A centers.
First half of the film is little boring. It’s the second half that matters for any heist film. Second half of the film is nice and is well executed due to situational strength provided by good screenplay. We have a few anthology films (multiple story lines) in Telugu. Our Telugu audiences are yet to get used to these kind of films. Bangaru Kodi Petta is such attempt to make a good anthology film with the backdrop of heist. We have to wait and see how regular movie lovers embrace it.
Idle Brain