Bawarchi (1999)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Musical, Drama, Comedy
100 %
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Plot: The film starts by introduction of Shanti Niwas & its residents by Amitabh Bachchan, who is the narrator here. He points out that Shanti Niwas is a pot of ironies: Even though its name means 'Home of Peace', there is no peace here. The home, which houses the Sharma family,... Read more

Bawarchi - Movie Reviews

Retired postmaster and widower Shivnath Sharma (Harindranath Chattopadhyay) shares his comfortable but unostentatious home (ironically named “Shanti Niwas” or “Abode of Peace”) with three quarrelsome sons and their families. Ramnath (A. K. Hangal) is a st
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