Baywatch (2017)

English 1 hrs 56 mins Action, Comedy
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Review Summary: Baywatch is disappointing on many levels, watch only for Priyanka or The Rock fans!

Average Critic Rating: (1.63)
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Est. Box Office Collection: 7.5 CR

Plot: In Emerald Bay, Florida, Lt. Mitch Buchannon and his team of lifeguards, including second-in-commmand Stephanie Holden and veteran C.J. Parker, protect the beaches and the bay as part of an elite division known as Baywatch. Having made over 500 rescues in his career, Mitch is beloved by the community, to... Read more

Baywatch - Movie Reviews

Watch It Only If You Are A Die-Hard Priyanka Chopra Or The Rock Fan
रोल छोटा होने के बाद भी 'बेवॉच' में छाईं प्रियंका
Aaj Tak
An absolute nadir
Glam Sham
घिसी-पिटी कहानी लगती है 'बेवॉच'