Bazaar (1982) (1982)

Hindi 2 hrs 1 mins Drama
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Review Summary: Bazaar is thought provoking cinema

Average Critic Rating: (4.00)
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Plot: A young couple is in love, the girl's father has arranged her marriage to an older and wealthier man. The young lover has to now convince the groom to be and the bride's father that he is better suited to the girl and call off the marriage.... Read more

Bazaar (1982) - Movie Reviews

Out of the murky bowels of Bombay's film industry there occasionally emerges a film which, without bending over backwards to prove its artistic content, makes remarkably good viewing.
India Today
The movie will shake you, with its realistic portrayal and the sad conditions that prevail in those area.The romance between farooq and the beautiful supriya is shown very well.shabanam after singing at the meeting tells him not to ask her to sing before unknown peoples and asks him to hide her from the society and let nobody other than him see her.This sensitivity of that pretty girl acts as a counter point to the open bride buying process of shakir ali khan and makes to think not only sarju but us also to protect her against any evil.
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