Beiimaan Love (2016)

Hindi Thriller
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Review Summary: Watch Beiimaan Love for Sunny Leone. But only barely. Largely unwatchable film.

Average Critic Rating: (1.80)
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Plot: BEIIMAAN LOVE is a dark love story exposing the 'beiimaani' (betrayal) of love in current times. The story revolves around today's strong independent woman and deals with human relationships and values of life. Sunny Leone plays the role of a young, ambitious, hardworking girl whose world suddenly comes crashing down... Read more

Beiimaan Love - Movie Reviews

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say. And when this woman turns out to be Sunny Leone, you wonder who in their right minds and eyes in their head would reject her romantic advances and why. The movie is horrendous but for the honest emoting by the heroine.
This movie is strictly for die-hard Sunny Leone fans only.
This is a cringe-fest from start to finish. Stay away.
Indian Express
Though one didn't carry many expectations from it, overall the sound of Beiimaan Love is compartmentalized into being melodious and rhythmic
Bollywood Hungama
I am giving one star solely for Sunny Leone and her improvement as an actress
Bollywood Life
Leone may have limited acting skills but whatever she does, she does with such sincerity
First Post
If you are hankering for a Sunny Leone performance this weekend, hop on to Baby Doll on YouTube and call it a day
The Times of India
Beiimaan Love is one of the better films in the adult-thriller genre
Beiimaan Love fails to impress the audience
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Beiimaan Love is a bad film that comes across as a spoof video rather than a serious feature film
Bollywood Hungama
Beiimaan Love' is a heart breaking saga which goes on and on without any soul or impact.
India Glitz
This isn’t nostalgia. It is plainly lazy filmmaking. The prize for the most ludicrous performance of the century goes to Daniel Weber who plays Sunny’s not-so-secret admirer.
Just when you’re adjusting in your seat after the anti-smoking advertisement, you catch Sunny Leone looking directly into your face.
Beiimaan Love, going by the promos, looks like a rauncy film about lust and betrayal and the music caters to the theme.