Bejawada (2011)

Telugu Action, Crime, Drama
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Bejawada - Movie Reviews

It doesn't matter whether or not Bejawada will become a flop (which we predict its fate is going to be), but one thing is clear.  RGV and some kids from his school are living in a cocoon.   They badly underestimate the audience intelligence, nor they are openminded enough to look around for inspiration.  The kids think that Varma knows everything and there is no world beyond him.  None in the world except themselves are enamoured any longer of Ram's films such as Sarkar.  Bejawada, Vivek Krishna's ridiculous offering, is a C-class interpretation of such films.
India Glitz
Amala Paul could’ve have earned a few more films if the film allowed her to show more and if that was shot well enough
'Bezawada' not rocks, but shakes the audience!
Great Andhra