Bengal Tiger (2015)

Telugu Romance, Drama, Action
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Average Critic Rating: (2.81)
Cast: Ravi Teja , Tamanna Bhatia , Rashi Khanna , Brahmanandam , Boman Irani , Rao Ramesh , Sayaji Shinde
Director: Sampath Nandi
Release Date: 18 Sep 2015
Est. Budget: 20.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 45.0 CR

Plot: Bengal Tiger is an upcoming Telugu film written and directed by Sampath Nandi and produced by K.K. Radha Mohan under the banner Sri Satya Sai Arts. It features Ravi Teja, Tamannaah and Rashi Khanna in the lead roles while Boman Irani, Rao Ramesh and Sayaji Shinde appear in crucial supporting Read more

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Bengal Tiger - All Reviews

Perfect Commercial Pot Boiler
Bottom Line: Bengal Tiger is a predictable action film that has a good amount of skin show from Tamanna and Raashi Khanna.
Sampath Nandi fails on many counts — he failed to shape the characters on screen, underused performers with amazing potential — Ravi Teja especially; and there is absolutely nothing to take home. The director also seems to have been backed by a brilliant production team that evidently allowed him a lot of creative freedom. But then again, to no avail.
The Times Of India
Sampath Nandi keeping in view of the mass image of Ravi Teja, came with out and out mass entertainer. First half races quickly with loads of entertainment. Sampath Nandi emerged successful in attracting all movie lovers in the first half by blending emotion, romance, entertainment perfectly and ends the first half with neat interval block.
Ravi Teja’s typical mass hero antics FAIL big time in this done to death revenge drama!
Subramanian Harikumar, BollywoodLife
Mass Maharaja back with blockbuster called bengal tiger
First half of the film is nice with Ravi Teja character growth shown in an interesting way. Second half has mass orientation with mind fight between Ravi Teja and Boman Irani. Plus points of the film are Ravi Teja’s superb energetic performance, dialogues by Sampath Nandi and mass orientation. On the flip side, climax appears prolonged. There are plenty of references to Pawan Kalyan in the movie. Director Sampath knows the pulse of masses which evident from his two previous films (Yemaindi Ee Vela and Racha). On a whole, Bengal Tiger is a Ravi Teja’s entertainment masala film with a lot of mass orientation.
Idle Brain
Even though the film has a routine story, the engaging screenplay makes it an interesting watch
Telugu Mirchi
The dialogues have been decent enough and the comedy episodes have been written well. The music and the background score have been good enough and well contributed. The cinematography is very attractive. The production values have been very rich. The director Sampath Nandi failed to come out with an engaging second half, which ruins the complete flavour of the movie.
Aravind, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Regular Fare With Comedy
Great Andhra
Roaring First Half, Boring Second Half.
Bengal Tiger has a very routine and predictable story as in the case of many Raviteja's pot boilers over the years. But what worked the most for the film is that entertainment part. Director Sampath Nandi made sure that the movie worked out for the mass and comedy lover from the start to the end. The first half of the film is good with all the commercial elements working out. The screenplay works big time as the proceedings go racy.
Go watch and have some fun
VikramGuru, Chirtamala
It is a Ravi Tejastyle power-packed performance, complete with comedy doses from Prithvi Raj and Posani, not to speak of punch lines of a different shade.
India Glitz
Bengal Tiger is a perfectly packed commercial entertainer with ample dose of comedy and other commercial elements. Except for the disappointment of no novelty, the film will keep Raviteja fans and mass audience entertained. Give it a try!
If only Sampath Nandi had maintained the momentum right till the end, the result could have been so much better
Bangalore Mirror
Director Sampath Nandi tried his best in first half. However, the second half might go against the film’s outcome. Though Ravi Teja carried his film on his shoulders, the predictable story and hackneyed screenplay might become spoilers for the film.
Recently the movie Run Raj Run has come up with similar plot but comedy and romantic scenes sounded very new. Couple of years back Sampath Nandi himself made Rachha, with similar theme line. Why the same illogical and boring concepts again and again folks? Heroism and comedy doesn't make up movies. Success of Bengal Tiger depends on how B & C centres recieve the film.
Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja’s revenge on Minister, because the minister kills his father and how he takes the revenge is the story all about. Ravi Teja Traps the Minister Daughter and become close to Minister and takes the revenge. Tamannah and Rasi Khanna were looking super in this movie. The full family entertainer with the punch dialogues of Mass Maharaj is commonly expected. On the whole one can’t disappointed with any reasons.
On the whole, Bengal Tiger is a typical Ravi Teja mark entertainer. A full on entertaining first half, glamour quotient and well executed mass elements are huge assets for the film. If you manage to go in well prepared for a serious and emotional second half, Bengal Tiger will end up as a comfortable watch this weekend.
Though Bengal Tiger is a formulaic film, it is surely a complete 'Paisa Vasool' for masses, which makes it a perfect Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja's trademark film.
Bengal Tiger is a kind of film that constantly remind yourself that there is a Sunny and beautiful world outside the cinema hall.
This is a family entertainer with good mix of comedy.This movie is a time pass weekend entertainer.
Business Of Tollywood
Compared to recent Ravi Teja's movie, Bengal Tiger is more entertaining. The first half of the movie, Ravi Teja's antics, and Prudhvi are its strength. Second half should have been better. A regular mass entertainer with severe stress on comedy and glamour show is what Bengal Tiger is all about
Telugu Cinema
Along with the normal audience, even Sampath Nandi might have loved several mass entertainers, made in Tollywood, in the past. He loved them to that level, that he could not stop himself from bringing the same into his film, with the different title called Bengal Tiger. So, if you are ready to open your wallet to watch the same, you can do it, at your own risk.
Bengal Tiger is an average fare ,one time watch for commercial movie lovers. The entertaining first half will go well with the audience, but the routine second half spoils the flow of the film. Ravi Teja’s waiting for a decent hit comes to an end. Totally, its a feast for commercial movie lovers and Ravi Teja fans. Routine Mass Entertainer with lot of Energy
Ravi Teja’s Bengal Tiger movie is a super comedy entertainer with mass elements
I Luv Cinema