Besh Korechi Prem Korechi (2015)

Bengali 2 hrs 30 mins Action, Romance
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Average Critic Rating: (3.00)
Cast: Jeetendra Madnani , Koel Mallick , Abhijeet Sawant
Director: Raja Chanda
Release Date: 17 Jul 2015

Plot: Besh Korechi Prem Korechi (Bengali: বেস করেছি প্রেম করেছি) is a romantic-action film, which is directed by Raja Chanda and produced jointly by Shree Venkatesh Films and Surinder Films. The film features Jeet and Koel Mallick among others. The songs are composed by Jeet Gannguli and Bangladeshi singer Habib Wahid. Read more

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Besh Korechi Prem Korechi is another superstar-chhaap entertainer — all style and oomph, and near-zero acting-shacting. But that doesn't mean you'll dislike the film. It's good, in its own the-universe-revolves-around-Jeet kind of way.
Upam Buzarbaruah, Times of India