Bhairavi (1999)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Action
100 %
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Plot: Mookaiyah (Rajinikanth) and his sister Bairavi (Geetha) are the children of a drunkard. They are separated after Bhairavi gets lost in an accident. Following this, Mookaiyah becomes a servant of a local landlord (Sreekanth). Mookaiyah is a loyal servant and does whatever is asked of him. The landlord, Rajalingam (Sreekanth),... Read more

Bhairavi - Movie Reviews

BHAIRAVI is a triumphant film from renowned director Arunaraje. The movie stars award caliber Ashwini Bhave, who has a nifty set of films under her belt like RK Studio´s HENNA and Yash Chopra´s PARAMPARA. The story is different yet simple. BHAIRAVI focuse
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