Black and White (2008)

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Review Summary: Black and White is a thought-provoking film that challenges the state's stereotypical formula to combat terrorism.

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Plot: Rajan Mathur ( Anil Kapoor ) is a Urdu professor who lives in Chandni Chowk district in New Delhi, with his wife Roma Mathur ( Shefali Shah ), who is a social activist and feminist, and their young daughter. Professor Mathur meets Numair Qazi ( Anurag Sinha ), who informs him... Read more

Black and White - Movie Reviews

BLACK & WHITE is a fine effort from a master storyteller who dares to change lanes with this film.
Bollywood Hungama
When showman Subhash Ghai makes a directorial comeback after five years with a film thrashing fundamentalism with a sober-sounding name like Black and White, you wonder its outcome.
Black and White is a thought-provoking film that challenges the state's stereotypical formula to combat terrorism.
Times of India
The wrap-up, is gratifyingly convincing instead of offering any raspberry syrup solutions. Technically, the cinematography is inconsistent - moody at times, and over lit at others. The editing pattern is often strange - a tea-drinking session is cut clums
Hindustan Times 
It is the sentiment that plays hero.
Rajeev Masand
Not bad, but overall Black & White works forgettably, like the just-mentioned Jagjit Singh song: it makes you seek succour in Karz or Taal [Images].
The movie puts all its characters as clichéd as if they were in an old black and white movie. If only, Subhash Ghai had tried making a truly realistic film, moving away from the coincidences and concepts that we have seen a thousand times, this movie woul
Planet Bollywood
Subhash Ghai is synonymous with larger than life movies. Movies that cater to the popular tastes. With Black&White, Ghai changes lanes. Deviating from the large canvas, extravagant sets and soulful-music-with-lavish-settings, he comes up with a film that"
Movie Review : Black & WhiteDirector : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Subhash Ghai  Sukhvinder Singh  Ibraheem Ashk  Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Habib Tanvir.By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network download BLACK & WHITE wallpapersA few years ago, duri
Glam Sham
movie, the story is about the warm and good natured couple Rajan Mathur (Anil Kapoor) and Roma Mathur (Shefali Shah). While Rajan happens to be a professor, Roma is a loud mouthed social activist and both live in the famous Chandni Chowk area in Delhi. Th
Bharat Student
Then, the movie would attract its target audience at multiplexes, in particular
Smash Hits
Credits: Music – Vijay Kurakula, Lyrics – Vanamali, Camera – Joshi, Editing – Marthand K Venkatesh, Presents – Maithri Films Pvt Ltd, Producer – P Udaykiran, Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction – Srikanth Vemulapalli,
Black & White has an inconsistent limp and ultimately dumped-down script that ultimately swallows the few sparkling moments it contains.
Now Running
In the Bollywood era of colour, glamour and glitz, a movie with an unusual title like “Black a...
A sensitive topic such as terrorism needs to be handled with the right intensity, the right actors and the right performancesThe intensity seems to be lacking while the actors and their performances are just about averageThe story also caters more to nich
Bollywood Mantra
In today’s time, the attitude of the people is like ‘tooth for a tooth’ and ‘...