Blackmail (2005)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
45 %
Total Reviews: 9
Sahi: 4 Nahi: 5

Review Summary: Starring Ajay Devgan Suniel Shetty Priyanka Chopra

Average Critic Rating: (2.44)
Cast: , , ,
Release Date:

Plot: Dr. Khurana, an eccentric scientist, discovers a formula to generate electricity from sun light. This discovery makes him very popular, and his formula very much in demand, while local businessman, Mr. Mehta, feels threatened - as this may means losses and eventual bankruptcy. Mehta and his associate, Jeevan, who is... Read more

Blackmail - Movie Reviews

I’m going with three out of five.
Rajeev Masand
I’m going with three out of five.
Rajeev Masand
An oft-repeated Bollywood formula flick in a new avatar is what BLACKMAIL is all about.
Why on earth was this film about a fatherson bonding promoted as an action film? Sure, Blackmail" has got its share of action. But above the elaborately staged stunts by Allan Amin
India Glitz
To begin, the only thing appealing about Blackmail is the music and perhaps some action sequences. Other than that, this film has nothing new to offer.
Planet Bollywood
The overall rating is just about an average film, and may not fetch much money for its makers
Smash Hits
In this day of in-your-face publicity, Blackmail has garnered little or no notice.
Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Anil Devgan  Himmesh Reshammiya  Sameer  Ajay Devgan, Suniel Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza, Mukesh Rishi, Parth Dave.By Subhash K. Jha, IANS Why on earth was this film about a father-son bonding promoted as an a
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