Bollywood Diaries (2016)

Hindi 2 hrs 5 mins Drama
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Review Summary: 'Bollywood Diaries' has an interesting concept, strong performances. But ultimately, the execution is a drag.

Average Critic Rating: (2.79)
Cast: Raima Sen , Salim Diwan , Ashish Vidyarthi
Director: K.D. Satyam
Release Date: 26 Feb 2016

Plot: Bollywood Diaries is about three unrelated individuals – a guy working at a call-center in Delhi, a middle-aged government servant from Bhilai and a prostitute from Sonagachi, Kolkata. All three of them aspire to become Bollywood actors and the movie captures their journey and struggles. Read more

Bollywood Diaries - Top Reviews

Lamentably, even with its noble intention and strong performances, the movie never soars.
Mohar Basu, Times of India
So on an overall basis, ‘Bollywood Diaries’ is a film which will be loved by everyone who eat, drink and sleep Hindi cinema. Though the dark finale of the film along with the lack of star power, might fail to create ripples. As for others these unread frenzy tales from Hindi cinema deserves to be watched over its unusual content.
Divya Solgama, Cine Markets
'Bollywood Diaries', is not a bad film, definitely not on paper, and it has the right Ideas, but it seems to try too hard
Rachit Gupta, Filmfare
It is disappointing that it doesn't because the premise did have a great deal of promise.
These three characters from completely different society strata have one thing in common - an inexplicable and insatiable passion for cinema
Sonia Chopra, Sify

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Bollywood Diaries - All Reviews

Bollywood Diaries'€™, is a tribute to all those, who are still struggling to get their dreams fulfilled
Rohit Bhatnagar, Deccan Chronicle
The film is way too slow
Namrata Thakker, Rediff
We all love films and films stars, but films and stars are not made overnight. Behind the success of every film and the stars there is a back story of struggle and hard work. It's said that every day hundreds of people come to Mumbai only to fulfill their dream of becoming an actor. Out of which only a few of them manage to get some decent work in this mad world of Bollywood. Every day, hundreds of hopes and dreams gets shattered. It’s sad that despite of being one of the largest film industry in the world, very few filmmakers have tried making films on such topics. Zoya Akhtar tried exploring into this world with her debut film 'Luck By Chance', which got critical acclaim but failed to meet its expected level at the box office. 'Bollywood Diaries' also seems to be one such film which displays the dreams and passion related to the struggle of all those people. There are some expectations related to this film as the songs and promo both look appealing. Sadly, there is no big face attached to the film due to which the expectation level gets diluted.
India Glitz
A well-acted, unnerving film about Bollywood aspirations
Rahul Desai, Catch News
Three stories of Bollywood crazy people is a good idea. But the film suffers when the three stories are dragged through the mud way after the audience has figured out the end of each story.
Manisha Lakhe, Nowrunning
BOLLYWOOD DIARIES is an honest film with a great connect!
Martin D'Souza, Glam Sham
रीयल से रील का कठिन सफर है 'बॉलीवुड डायरीज'
R J Alok, Aaj Tak