Bombairiya (2019)

Hindi 2 hrs 12 mins Crime, Drama, Comedy
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Total Reviews: 10
Sahi: 1 Nahi: 9

Review Summary: Unfortunately, Radhika Apte can't save every film she stars in. Bombairiya is one of those.

Average Critic Rating: (1.95)
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Plot: Bombairiya is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language black comedy crime drama film directed by Pia Sukanya and written and produced by Michael E. Ward with story from Ward, Sukanya and Aarti Bagdi.... Read more

Bombairiya - Movie Reviews

This Tangled Mess Is More Errors Than Comedy
This may have started out as A One Day When Bizarre Things Happen and People Collide kind of flick. It ends up as a tiresome exercise in Who What Where When Why, with a Someone Please Tell Me Going On Here writ large on our faces.
Indian Express
A PR gal has a nudie video on her phone which gets whacked by some chap on a stolen scooter. She wants her phone back, but he is running away from a bad cop but maybe because he is carrying a bomb in the scooter. It's chaotic, funny but has too many threads which make this non-linear film a tiring watch after a while.
Now Running
This one’s a confused and chaotic mess. Complicated is not always clever.
Times of India
Anything goes (but not much sticks) in a would-be comedy
Director Pia Sukanya's effort is sincere, but it's not enough to create the madness required in such films
Radhika Apte’s film is a crazy, heartwarming homage to Mumbai
Hindustan Times
A Mind Screwing Puzzled Mess!
Koi Moi
Do Not Lose Your Mobile Or Head While Watching It
Box Office Capsule
जरूरी मुद्दा, पर मास मूवी नहीं है राधिका आप्टे की बॉम्बेरिया
Aaj Tak