Boochamma Boochodu (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 15 mins Romance, Thriller, Comedy, Horror
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Average Critic Rating: (1.83)
Cast: Kainaz Motivala , Sivaji
Director: Rewon Yadu
Release Date: 05 Sep 2014

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Boochamma Boochodu - All Reviews

Boochamma Boochodu movie is worth to watch and enjoy… Boochamma Boochodu Movie Trailer : Boochamma Boochodu Movie Review & Rating was last modified: September 5th, 2014 by Raghu
I Luv Cinema
Stay Away from this Boochamma Boochodu!
With a waferthin storyline and a screenplay that borders on the asinine, this film falls flat.
India Glitz
In this scenario, this kind of comedy thrillers may work out well at the box office
Boochamma Boochodu
Nani, AP Today
Don’t waste your time or money on this movie, or if you must, wait to rent the DVD. “Boochamma Boochodu” is a wasted opportunity and was made to squeeze every last rupee from the fans, failed in surprising: never a good thing for a horror movie. Fans of the Horror films will surely be disappointed and even disgusting, in a bad way. Boochamma Boochodu failed in horrifying and thrilling the audience at the same time.
AP Herald