Bramman (2014)

Tamil 2 hrs 32 mins Drama, Comedy
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Total Reviews: 7
Sahi: 1 Nahi: 6

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Average Critic Rating: (2.21)
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Bramman - Movie Reviews

With someone else at its centre, we might have said that 'Bramman' is just about watchable, but with Sasikumar, we begin to wonder if 'Subramaniyapuram' was a one-off
The Hindu
Ever since Subramaniapuram, Sasikumar's career has been one of diminishing returns and the blame should squarely lie with the director-actor, who has become more concerned with projecting himself as a mass hero, despite trying to convince us otherwise
The Times of India
This 'Bramman' terminates his plot and doesn’t do any justice to its title
A typical DSP score, which tends to resemble many of his other tracks
Only Kollywood
The film will definitely be a huge disappointment to fans of the hugely talented Sasikumar, whose almost perfect record will be marred by this film
Watch it if you want to see Yaman (The deity of Death) deceive you in form of this movie and slowly kill you
It doesn't have much to offer other than a loosely narrated story of friendship
Oneindia Entertainment