Budhia Singh - Born To Run (2016)

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Review Summary: Manoj Bajpai excels in this story with heart.

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Plot: Budhia Singh – Born To Run is an 2016 Indian biographical sports film directed by Soumendra Padhi. It is based on wonder boy Budhia Singh, who ran 48 marathons, when he was only five-year-old.... Read more

Budhia Singh - Born To Run - Movie Reviews

Not a bad way to spend two hours.(This review first aired on CNN News18)
Rajeev Masand
‘Hauntingly Inspiring...’
Cine Markets
The story of Budhia Singh is stranger than fiction
Film Companion
When a coach trains a five year old against all logic, is it for self publicity or has he really saved the boy from abject poverty and slavery? Does the government have any right over a young sportsperson's need to run or did they do a right thing? This movie tackles all this and more by telling us the story of a five year old marathon runner Budhia Singh and his devoted coach Birinchi Das. Will shake you up.
Now Running
Budhia Singh: Born To Run is not so much a film as it is a passionate appeal to remind and regain an opportunity for Odisha’s erstwhile Wonder Boy, now a forgotten teenager
One of the best films of 2016
It'€™s a fantastic relationship drama in the disguise of a tout thriller
Hindustan Times
Escalating drama staggers a bit in the second half but keeps its sights firmly on the finish line
First Post
There are no star trappings, but the film leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. So much so that you will want to overlook the flaws and just enjoy the experience.
जॉनर स्पोर्ट्स.
A moving story told in an incredibly sincere and candor fashion.
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This is as real as it gets and you need to watch it
Indian Express
BUDHIA SINGH - BORN TO RUN, despite winning a national award and being a good film
Bollywood Hungama
BUDHIA SINGH BORN TO RUN Is Well Made Inspiring Yet Tragic Sports Biopic
Box Office Capsule
Overall, the film with all minor misgivings, is a candid and honest tribute to a talent we have cast off.
Incredible India has incredible stories and one of them is adroitly captured in this sensitively portrayed biopic, Budhia Singh: Born To Run
It deserves to be watched.