Bus Stop (2012)

Telugu 1 hrs 57 mins Romance
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Average Critic Rating: (2.71)
Cast: Prince Cecil , Sri Divya
Director: Maruthi Dasari
Release Date: 11 Nov 2012

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Bus Stop - All Reviews

For a good part, watching Bus Stop is like reliving the experience of savoring Ee Rojullo minus a unique emotional touch.  Here the innocent moments of this March's 'sleeper' hit are replaced by the timetested formula of parent vs ward conflict.  Fertilizing an otherwise oldish texture in the bottle of promiscuity, Maruthi doles out a mediocre output that would be seen as a dumbed down version of Shankar's Boys minus the element of the youth having an aim of their own.  The 'Sa Re Ga Me' anthem is replaced by a song where the four fathers funnily put a spanner in the romantic/sex-filled lives of their wards.
India Glitz
This film is abominable. It may collect well at the box office as it plays with the senses of teens. The facts are expressed in this review, and even these facts may attract the youth to drive towards the film.
Telugu Mirchi
Go and Watch if you like ‘Ee Rojullo Telugu Movie’. The film is an entertaining youth comedy with a nice message in the end.
Adult comedy that strikes right chords with target audiences.
Very perverted and vulgar flick with double meaning comedy
If you liked ‘Ee Rojullo’, you will like ‘Bus Stop’. The film is an entertaining youth comedy with a nice message in the end. The good emotional quotient in the second half will strike a chord with parents as well as students.
Surprisingly honest attempt from Maruthi about affections between Parent & Children combined with commercial elements. Could be a good week-end watch with friends.
Bus Stop at Lovers Adda will not disappoint college goers but other may due to heavvy double meaning and vulgar dialogues.
As his previous movie, Ee Rojullo, director Maruthi uses the crudest form of double meanings and dirty jokes to make his movie connect with masses and youth who may identify themselves. Director relied on the double meanings and vulagirty every where in t
Denikaina Ready doesn't have a great story to boast off. But the screenplay is racy and the characters are etched well. Good amount of work is put on developing the script and that is evident in many scenes. Despite few glitches here and there, Denikaina
Director Maruthi believes for films to be successful he needs to target teenagers and college going youth and genex viewers. He is successful in his attempts in first half but completely aleniates him in most of the second half with strong messages agains
Vulgarity unlimited
Great Andhra
In one line, those who have enjoyed the methodology and treatment of Maruthi in 'Ee Rojullo' will feel much better in 'Bus Stop.' The never falling narration graph, sustained youth elements amalgamated with mass scatological comedy will take the movie on
Young adults would enjoy the first half of the film. The second half is a little boring as it is filled with sentiments. Though the entertainment values are good, the raw and adult comedy is a hard nut to crack for the family audiences.
Maruthi has stuck to his Ee Rojullo formula though he has chosen a decent subject of the conflicts between parents and youngsters on love. How are youngsters spoiling their lives with no focus on their future has been the central subject but the director
Overall, the Movie is watchable once with a fresh mind leaving all your problems aside.Most of the people will remember their good golden days when they are young.
Director Maruthi has once again chosen the same genre like he did for his first film ‘Ee Rojullo’. Maruthi has added loads of sexual humor in the dialogues and after seeing the movie, one can definitely say that the director’s target audiences are only t
The director of the movie took three pairs of youth in this film and showed the modern youth’s life style and way of their sexual life and love in a funny way, as well as serious ways. The movie is a teenage love story where westerns call them teenage sex
The film is laden with plenty 'non-vegetarian' double entendres, so if you are the type who digs into the 'chikan jokes' this is the movie for you.
The Times Of India
Maruthi should try to impress all age groups and think over presenting new films to the present generations.The subject has decent line and could give better social message to the audience without any vulgarity in the dialogues.Except for emotional scenes in the pre climax episode rest all is vulgar in conversation
Director Maruthi seems to be under the impression that in order to attract teenagers and youth, he sould load his film with full of double meaning dialogues.
This is an obvious story-a tale between couple of youngsters and their love stories that begin at bus stop. And so comes the name Bus Stop. The movie basically revolve between two persons- Srinu (Prince) and Sailu (Sri Divya). They being close friends, their childhood emotion accidentally blossoms into love. However, they kill their love for the sake of their parents. What are the emotions that they go through after separation and how they realize the importance of parents forms the remaining part of the film
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
One of those films where you stay disconnected with the characters and remain an uninterested third party
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala