Chal Chalein (2009)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Social

Plot: A student commits suicide because of extreme anxiety over pressure from his parents to get good grades. The student's empathetic friends enlist the help of a lawyer named Sanjay to speak up against the parents, the government and the school system. The case draws national attention and generates massive public... Read more

Chal Chalein - Movie Reviews

Parents pressuring kids to breaking point is a valid, contemporary subject.
CHAL CHALEIN is a dull fare with slim chances.
Bollywood Hungama
A harried 11th grader jumps off from the terrace of his school because his father forces him to take up science instead of literature which he loves. His suicide jumpstarts a revolution of sorts where similar harassed kids file a case against parents who
Times of India
'Chal Chalein' - preachy but honest take on kids under pressure
Now Running
So, the movie is more relevant for the coming times
Smash Hits
Second, the screenplay is repetitive in the first half. Post-interval too, once the court sessions start, it''s repetitive again. The fare moves along at snail''s pace. The biggest drawback is that the climax tries hard to throw a hard punch, but comes ac