Chauranga (2016)

Hindi 1 hrs 46 mins Horror, Drama
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Total Reviews: 27
Sahi: 16 Nahi: 11

Review Summary: Mishra does a commendable job as first time director, highlighting the uncomfortable truth around caste in rural India

Average Critic Rating: (2.87)
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Plot: A fourteen-year-old Dalit boy (Soham Maitra) is growing up in an unnamed corner of India. His dream is to go to a town school like his elder brother (Riddhi Sen) and his reality is to look after the pig that his family owns. His only escape is to sit atop... Read more

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This dark film on caste oppression holds up an uncomfortable mirror
First Post
Watch Chauranga because it is honest, provocative and piercing. It announces the advent of a promising new voice in Mumbai’s independent cinema.
Chauranga is neither provocative nor skillful in its portrayal. Though its last scene ushers in a ray of hope to nullify the haunting gory glimpses from the film, it never soars high enough to affect you.
Times of India
Chauranga movie review: What’s missing in the film is a fluid narrative
Indian Express
I’m going with two out of five
Rajeev Masand
It's difficult to believe the film is set in the present day. The India portrayed in the film is replete with casteism, patriarchy and repression of the worst kind.Chauranga could also have been an intriguing study of human nature, had it been more layered
So on an overall basis 'Chauranga', despite of being a part of various film festivals, ends up being yet another half baked product type of film which caters only to film festival type of audience.
Cine Markets
CHAURANGA is a bold movie which unveils a dark truth
Glam Sham
This is not an easy watch, but definitely an important one.
The film brings to light certain aspects of our society that we have allowed ourselves to neglect
A low-key film that tells a story that needs to be told, but doesn't tell it well enough
First Post
A pure festival film in treatment and manner of storytelling, it scores for allowing the audience join the dots and doesn't care to simplify or sanitize the proceedings for universal appeal
Bangalore Mirror
A hard-hitting trip to rural India
Claps N Slaps
A first-time director effectively takes on the dynamics of the caste system
The Hindu
Performances apart, 'Chauranga', is laced with a powerful message, is delivered in a somewhat convoluted manner, through a haphazard screenplay.
Santa Banta
जमीनी हकीकत को दर्शाती है 'चौरंगा'
Aaj Tak
A strong voice against caste barriers
Hindustan Times
Rural caste-based drama ‘Chauranga’ is a throwback to parallel cinema
Simplistic and earnest, yet this Sanjay Suri-starrer lacks a punch
First Post
In the end, Wazir could have and should have been a better film. On paper at least, the set up must have been stellar, but ultimately, the end result remains unsatisfying despite Bachchan's and Akhtar's unmistakable presence and charisma
Bolly Brit
The film Chauranga deals with an aspect of life in India still mired in tragedy - revenge killings for intercaste interactions deemed inappropriate by the community
Asia One
Sanjay Suri’s social drama is a mirror to our society with a few jagged edges!
Bollywood Life
... It is more like a documentary on the appalling condition of the Dalits
In fact, Chauranga is interesting in how it shows that a disadvantaged woman could use the exploitation to her own advantage, being more proactive than her mute upper caste counterparts.
The Indian Talks
The sound handled by Arun Nambiar and Tanmay Das is brilliant and probably the highlight of the film. The film fails to leave an impact on the viewers.
Business Standard
'Chauranga', is more muted and quiet in its rage
The Hindu
The director has nicely detailed the various characters and also presented the double standards of casteism by showing how the upper-caste head of the village