Chintamani Kola Case (2006)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Crime, Action, Mystery
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Plot: The basic premise is of a lawyer doling out his brand of justice on criminals whom he himself had freed from the courts. The story is centered on Lal Krishna Viradiar ( Suresh Gopi ), the enigmatic criminal lawyer with an even more enigmatic mission. Lal Krishna helps out hardened criminals... Read more

Chintamani Kola Case - Movie Reviews

Lanka, Rashtram and Now Chintamani Kola Case. It has been a season of Suresh Gopi's releases. Three movies, all within one month period, must be too much even for a diehard Suresh Gopi fan.
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Shaji Kailas is a stylish Malayalam director known to give superstars image-defining roles.