Commando - One Man Army (2013)

Hindi 1 hrs 59 mins Drama
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Review Summary: Semi-entertaining, 'COMMANDO' is vintage good versus evil saga

Average Critic Rating: (2.91)
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Plot: Commando – A One Man Army is a 2013 Hindi action thriller film directed by Dilip Ghosh and produced by Vipul Shah. The film features Vidyut Jamwal as the protagonist, Pooja Chopra and Jaideep Ahlawat as main characters.The film opened to mixed reviews with major praise directed towards Jamwal's performance... Read more

Commando - One Man Army - Movie Reviews

COMMANDO is vintage good versus evil saga in a strikingly new avatar...
Bollywood Hungama
Whenever we hear a name 'Commando', the first visual that comes to our mind is of the He-Man Arnold Schwarzenegger's super hit film with the same name. Though it was Sylvester Stallone's 'Rambo' which started the one man army type of films, 'Commando' too
Movie Zadda
His muscles seem to have a life of their own.
So the dramatis personae aren’t flesh and blood figures the audience can develop any empathy with. The hero is an automaton-like terminator, the villain, a man born without pupils in his eyes, is a complete caricature and the motor-mouth female protagonis
On the whole, Commando is one film which has some of the best and original action scenes in then recent Hindi films. Watch out for Vidyut Jamwal as he displays some of the best stunts you would have seen in a very long time. Finally, even though Commando
Bollywood 3
If you are not an action junkie, then wait for these two to find better scripts
To be sure, a star is born in Commando. We saw Vidyut completely upstage John Abraham in the hand-to-hand heart-in-mouth fight scenes in Force. Now, Vidyut proves himself a maestro of unequalled sinewy skills, gliding rather than fighting, pre-empting the
Nice stunts stunted story
Commando needs to be watched simply because we have an honest Bollywood action flick with the hero actually looking and being the part and the action not looking like it has been stripped of a video game. You never know when the likes of this kind will co
Bolly Spice
Two very different movies with very different target audience have just released and both are striking in their own ways.
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Bestowed with excellent physique and decent looks each action he has performed on the screen is so convincing that you cannot put your eyes off as for the first time all stunts has been performed by an actor himself without using body doubles and even wit
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It's 'First Blood 'territory and The 'Force' villain, Vidyut Jamwal plays the super fit kickass hero, an elite Special Operation Commando Karanveer Dogra who crashes into Chinese territory and gets captured and tortured only to finally escape back into India and get waylaid by Simran(Pooja Chopra) a north-Indian girl who has runaway from home in order to escape despicable despot Amrit Kumar  a.k.a  Ak  74 , a white eyed pursuant who wants her as his wife at any cost.
India Glitz
…Most action films see men pounding each other and this one is no different. To sum up the entire plot it one line, it is the story of two people�s rivalry who are after the same girl. When it comes t
Bollywood Mixer
Disclaimer: This film requires complete suspension of disbelief. Why? Because:
Blood, fights and a hero bristling with rage!
Bollywood Life
Which is pretty strange considering that a mad man is pursuing her. Did I mention that he has no pupils? If you’re an action fan, Commando – A One Man Army gives you enough bang for the buck. More squeamish viewers should find something else to watch.
Hindustan Times 
On the whole, Commando has a routine drama but extraordinary stunts. It will do very good business in single-screen cinemas on the strength of mass patronage. The excessive violence will limit both, the patronage of ladies and the film’s business potentia
Komals Reviews
It's Dabangg meets Khiladi here as Vidyut Jamwal packs a powerful punch by making a splash on the screen as a combination of Salman Khan and Bruce Lee with his nimble moves and muscle power drives home the point of making and watching an action flick.
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High octane action and romantic treat, watch it!
Bharat Student
A girl on the run bumps into a commando from the Indian army. Does he
Times of India
Commando Review by Indicine critic Joginder Tuteja