Company (2002)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Comedy, Crime, Action, Drama, Thriller

Plot: The film highlights the economics behind running an Indian mafia organization. In the opening of the film, Ajay Devgan describes the modus operandi of underworld. He states 'Despite anybody telling anything else, in this world everything is done for profit, so is this business. We don't pay taxes, neither do... Read more

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On the whole COMPANY is amongst Ramgopal Varma's finest works.
Bollywood Hungama
For those Indians away from the city of dons, Mumbai, the latest dish served by Ram Gopal Varma may not turn out as thrilling as it would for the Mumbaiyya crowd.
The film's victory is that it moves on with so many characters at par and still doesn't give any feel at any point that even a single character is burden on the narration of the film
Smash Hits
Company, from start to finish, is anything but feel-good cinema. There are no Swiss Alps, no Tommy Hillfiger, not even an irritating comedy routine from Johny Lever. Instead of being treated to eye candy, we see the underworld from a grey looking glass, o
Planet Bollywood
Ramgopal Varma is back with his new stylishly narrated tale - COMPANY .
Now Running
Those expecting much more than Satya in director Ram Gopal Varma’s second underworld-based flick, Company won’t be disappointed.