Courier Boy Kalyan (2015)

Telugu Romance
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Average Critic Rating: (2.33)
Cast: Nithiin Kumar Reddy , Yami Gautam
Director: Prem Sai
Release Date: 01 Mar 2015

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Courier Boy Kalyan - All Reviews

Predictability is another big problem for this film that never throws any surprises at any point. Nithin's presence and the short runtime are the only plusses in this otherwise boring movie that doesn't take itself seriously. A huge disappointment for the audience who go with expectations looking at the names like Gautham Menon associated with it. You can wait for the Courier to be delivered at your home rather than running to the theaters.
A random application of common sense to anticipate on the reasons behind delay in release of this movie answers very basic question on quality of product they had on hand. There is nothing to explore more because a director with no hold on screenplay and grip on narration can never handle this genre. Although, take off sounded good with well introduced medical terminology and core plot introduced, Prem Sai decelerated his standards scene by scene.
The music, editing is completely a disaster for the movie and the production values are rich enough. Cinematography is another major minus. Complete technical department failed in bringing out a good plot. The director chose a good story, but due to low profile narration skills, film ends disappointing the fans and normal audience too.
Aravind, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Courier Boy Kalyan offers hardly anything exciting – a predictable thriller told with simpler way, made with pretty common technical/production values
Telugu Cinema
The first half especially ends after a very interesting twist. The second is shorter with a length of 45 minutes. The climax however is slightly abrupt. Narration is inconsistent varying from good to bad. More than the narration, the tracks spoil the film big time. The music has been composed by Anup Rubens and Karthik. The back ground score has been given by Sandeep Chowta. Their work was hardly impressive in the film.
Prem Sai,protege of ace director Gautam Menon starts off the film on an interesting note of stem cells research and scam involved in it. However with in five minutes, he deviates from the core topic and pace too slows down.
Movie starts on an interesting note in Romania, where the doctor (Asuthosh Rana) is seen experimenting on stem cells. Due to some legal issues after a patient threatens to sue the hospital, the doctor shifts to India. Well, for people linked with mafia, anywhere in the world will be fine. That's the first jolt we get. And then a Courier Boy comes into scene (Nitin) to explain us how a Courier company works despite all odds.
When you try to induce unnecessary commercial elements in a very interesting and engaging concept, the result is Courier Boy Kalyan. The film which could been a decent thriller is seriously obstructed with the arrival of songs and a hurried up climax. But a breezy first half, and some engaging thrills salvage the film which ends up as just an ok watch.
Nitin's performance, some scenes in the first half and chase scenes in the second half are ok. People can enjoy if they watch the film without expectations. Viewers will not get bored as the film duration is short.
Other than Nithiin’s performance, there is nothing to write home about.
Deccan Chronicle
Courier Boy Kalyan is heavily inspired by the Hollywood film Premium Rush and it is also being released in Tamil as Tamilselavum Thaniyar Anjalum. When a director comes up with concept based story, he has to have a screenplay that can make the audiences glued to the seats till the end.
here are two ways one could make a romantic thriller. Either make it entertaining by shooting feel good episodes between the lead characters, adding plenty of humor and action sequences or take a serious approach by writing different characterizations and digging into the thrills and creating dangerous surrounding around the lead character’s lifestyle.
Courier Boy Kalyan has a fresh and interesting story which has not been explored in Tollywood till date. The audience who have watched the film got impressed. Overall, it is a full-length family oriented love story film. A one time watch.
A story that doesn’t live up to its premise.
This is definitely not a never-seen-before story line. The plot is good enough but the climax is not climactic enough. No dialogues to elevate the middle class youngster who is an unsung hero till the climax.
Tad Too Boring!
Nani, AP Today
Plus points are Nithin, basic plot and a couple of thrilling episodes in the second half. The romance thread in the film offers no freshness. Though the length is 104 minutes, there is still a need to edit songs and a few irrelevant comedy episodes. The screenplay should have been more arresting. On a whole, Courier Boy Kalyan is an attempt to blend in family elements and romance to an interesting thriller story.
Finally courier boy Kalyan has been an ok courier to audience by Nitin & one time watch flick
Courier Boy Kalyan does not reach the expectations of the audience, but Nithin acting skills, make us at least walk towards the theatre for once.
Overall, the film has some promise given the premise and theme. However, it could have been better with several thrills and frills. We need to wait and watch for audience response in coming days.